[HOWTO] Email Configurations - to configure /e/ on most email clients

A mail with the details on what setting to use while configuring your email client is sent when you open an e account. In case you lost it the settings are repeated here…

Server-settings are:
IMAP: mail.ecloud.global:993
SMTP: mail.ecloud.global:587
Username: yourname@e.email
Password: yourpassword

A link to the Email configuration page is given here


Hi, I’m trying to set up e.mail in Apple Mail client (Mac), but it doesn’t seem to work. I also tried the server settings you mention, even the https://autoconfig.ecloud.global/ website mentioned in the page (error message is given), but nothing. Mail app says: name or password couldn’t be verified. Any ideas?
these are the data requested by the Mail app:
. E-mail adress
. Name
. Password
. Account type: IMAP (I assume)
. Incomming mail server
. Outgoing mail server

Hi @graz, are you able to log in to https://ecloud.global/index.php/login with you email id and password?
The id would be the complete name in the format john.doe@e.email

Do not have a Mac so not able to test this but the details for the mail client should also be the same as given above …for e.g

Were you able to try this

Hi @Manoj , yes I’m able to login to ecloud and also tried those server names, as well as the same names without 993 and adding .com (mail.ecloud.global.com) and mail.ecloud.global and could’t advance

Your issue looks like another one that hasn’t been solved.


Let me pass this to the dev team and have someone check it out.

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