Connecting Bluetooth GPS Receiver Navilock

Hello to all,
I have a problem connecting an external GPSantenna (Navilock BT-821G) to my Fairphone /e/OS. I understand that I have to enable “mock locations”.
I paired Navilock and my phone via bluetooth, then:

  1. I installed BlueGPS
  2. I opened “developer tools” after enabling developer mode
  3. Then “choose app for simulated location” (mock location) = BlueGPS
  4. Then tried to “Start/Stop GPS” in app BlueGPS
    sadly it doesn’t work, nothing happens, still “Bluetooth GPS is off”
    I would be glad if someone could help me!

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Perhaps something to allow in Seetings >Apps > BlueGPS or/and in microG settings… (add bluegps in location providers list ?).

thanks for your answer.

In the settings>apps>bluegps is nothing of relevance i could change.
But where are the microG settings? location providers list?
I already allowed bluegps in the developers settings to take over the external gps instead of the inbuild gps phoneantenna.

I hope I will not have to use the google app store to find another app…

If needed there is Aurora Store.