[HOWTO] Download every app in the Google Play Store thanks to Aurora Store

Version française ici.

Even if /e/ comes with a default Apps store, you might find some limitations to it.

Aurora Store is an open-source Google Play Store client in which you can be connected with an “Anonymous” account. Since it’s a Play Store client, every application downloaded comes from the Play Store and is completely safe (or at least as safe as with the Play Store).

1) Download and install Aurora Store

a) With the default /e/ Apps store

It’s easy but the version available is often not the last and it’s important to be able to update to the last version because sometimes Google changes how things work and Aurora can be broken until a fix is released.

b) With F-Droid

It’s easy too if you have installed the F-Droid app (also available in the default /e/ Apps store), but same problem, the last version comes a few days later.

c) With the APK file

More information on how to install an .apk file : Install an App from a 3rd party source or APK file directly

  • You can directly download the APK from the website, but it might not be the last version.
  • From F-Droid website, but again the last version comes in late of a few days.
  • From the Telegram channel.
  • From their GitLab (Best way to have the true last version as soon as possible in case a fix is needed)

2) Enter into Aurora Store

  1. Open Aurora Store IMG_20200404_013803

  2. Accept the storage access permission.

  3. Click on “ANONYMOUS” in order to connect with an anonymous account.
    (If you want to use a personnal account, you can click on “GOOGLE”.)

  4. You are now succesfully loged in. Click on the ‘go back’ arrow on the top left and re-open the app if necessary.

3) Update an app

  1. Go into the “Updates” tab.

  2. Select the apps you want to update then click on “UPDATE SELECTED” or click on “UPDATE ALL”.

  3. A notification might appear, click on “INSTALL” after the download is complete.

  4. Click on “INSTALL”.

How it looks :


My 2 cents :

  • at first app install/upgrade, AuroraStore must be given the right to install apps
  • when upgrading AuroraStore, always uninstall it first
  • sometimes notification displays “waiting for user confirmation” (or sort of), but no notification is popped up; just discard notification, stop app, re-launch it and install/upgrade again (app can also be installed/upgraded from app’s Downloads screen). As app apk is already present it won’t be downloaded again
  • AuroraStore may propose to upgrade MicroG, PDFviewer, … These upgrades won’t work. You can exclude them with blacklisting : long-press on the apps from Upgrade list
  • some versions may have “WiFi-only” disabled …
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sometimes notification displays “waiting for user confirmation” (or sort of), but no notification is popped up

If you meant, that the installation process screen isn’t showing up, you can still click on the waiting for user confirmation notification of that particular application, and install it manually from its Aurora Store page.