Contact app with unreadable colors

I update my e_FP3 to the latest release and discover that the colors are unreadable.

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I see the same on a Samsung Galaxy S9 with A10 (Q) with e.g. Files and Music APPs. It is only a problem if in Settings > Display the Dark Theme is chosen. Deselection results in white screens with easy readable text in black and dark grey. Not really a solution if you prefer the Dark Theme but at least a workaround to use these APPs.

Thank you @sperber your solution is good enought to wait for a fix :+1:

Dear @Manoj Maybe this post could help the dark mode project


Browsing the storage I saw (near-)unreadable folders’ names. Same with night display disabled…

Device: Samsung a3y17lte (amoled)

e_phhgsi_arm64_ab-userdebug 10 QQ3A.200805.001 eng.root.20210529.223207 dev-keys,dev-release


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This issue is raised by me and other for fairphone and Redmi Note 4.

Maybe in next update it will be cleared. Hope so. Developers have a lot to work.
Till then you can use SimpleContact, Simplefile etc from F droid.

Dark mode and its implementation is a part of v0.18. There are a host of issue which are still being worked upon by the team. Once done we will be moving it for testing before release for all users…the updates will be shared here

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Thanks @Manoj

I’d made a different thread cause texts are readable, with difficulty, but readable. I don’t know if amoled display provides more contrast…

Contacts app (native) stays in clear mode with general dark mode enabled but problems appear both in its settings.

Good luck and thanks to the devs :wink:

A bit more with this last screenshot, with maximum display lightness (with all texts, zoom to see):