Week 28 : Development and Testing Updates

v0.18 testing

Expected to start in a weeks time. One of the main features of the build would be the implementation of Dark Mode. This is how it looks …

Work on some of the apps was still in progress the last time I tested. Once completed we will share with the testing team and once they clear it goes to all users.

  • These UI changes are not the only fixes that will be coming as part of v0.18. Will share the link of all fixes coming as part of this release

Additions to the supported list

  • 3 Tablets
    Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (p4noterf)
    Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (p4notewifi)
    Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (p4notelte)
    1 phone Samsung J5 (j5y17lte)
    still with ROM Maintainer and build team as they thrash out some last minute issues.

eCloud upgraded to NC20

Check out the ecloud.global
One of the long standing request from users was to be able to group contacts…that is now possible in the eCloud.

Some of the features are under testing …once released for all users the look of the dashboard would be something like this …as usual have no ETA’s to share as to when this goes out to all users :frowning:

OS OTA Upgrade

No progress on this to report. The team is trying to understand how Samsung does it on their build system. Will update if there is any positive development on this.

Teracube 2e with /e/ pre Installed…

As of yesterday we added the Teracube 2e to our eSolutions Shop. Sales of the 2e are only in the US for now.

Screenshot from 2021-07-16 19-06-05

This thread will be updated through the week

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I already tried out the contacts grouping. Is it possible to enable a checkbox for faster grouping on multiple contacts? Atm it’s a bit time consuming to search for each entry and to set the groups.

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@Manoj, is it possible to keep giving weekly information about the stable OS OTA update 9 → 10.

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Unfortunately there is no update on this. I have added this in the update. Will check with the team on the current status.

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Are there any plans to upgrade webmail? I saw on Gitlab that there is going to be an update to the UI, but will there be an upgrade to something other than Rainloop?

will there be a 018 pie version (for Xiaomi MI 8) and will the dark mode with it ?

I think i will install the Q dev version later this year, but I wonder if there is OTA after the first Q ROM dev install for next (further?) versions ?

Any reason why not every app has the same colors in dark mode? I can understand why the clock app would be darker, but in the screenshots the settings, calendar and files all have different background colors.

Also, the calendar, recorder and apps feel unfinished, there is not enough contrast and text can be hard to read.

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