Contacts address : app format differ from ecloud format


I make progress with the configuration of /e/os on teracube 2e emerald but I have an issue that I don’t really understand. I have a account set up during the installation, I use a lot the contact address field and I notice that the format is not the same between the app-contacts contact editor and the ecloud-contacts contact editor.
The app-contacts editor have just one field to set the address and the ecloud-contacts editor address have separate fields for the street, the zip-code and the city name (and so on).
I import initially my contacts in vCard format from icloud but even if I create a contact from app-contacts on the new phone and fill the address field (in one line*), well there is separate fields in the ecloud-contacts address but all the information (street, zip-code and the city name) are store in one line with no space between the street and the zip-code and zip-code and city fields are left blank.
It’s regrettable because if the address is fill correctly with separate fields, the links between app-contacts contact address and app-maps (magic earth) is working and the app-maps find correctly the contact address but if I use a contact create with the app-contacts editor, app-maps can’t find the address and fall with this error message : “the address could not be find, please verify the address details and retry.”**
Did I miss something in the configuration of the app-contacts or the app-maps ? Is there a doc about this ?
Thank you,

  • : I try this 2 address format :
  • in one line : 56 Amber street F-56899 Fake-City
  • in separate lines :
    56 Amber street
    F-56899 Fake-City

** approximately translate from french ^^

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Did you find Migrate to /e/OS linking [HOWTO] Import contacts from Apple to /e/ cloud in

It is not using the .vcf method, but an icloud method.

I have no experience of the apple world. If you want to use a .vcf method you might check what version of .vcf you are using. I am not certain if /e/ specifies version >3, or if there are other constraints.

Years ago I used GitHub - jowave/vcard2to3: Convert vcards from version 2.1 to version 3.0 this threw up some unexpected things I was able to delete in a spreadsheet, then return the copy to the script.

You might just try running a copy of your .vcf through the script after you checked out you thought it safe and suitable.

Thanks for the reply @aibd, I don’t think it’s a export/import from iCloud problem because when I create a contact address with ecloud-contacts or app-contacts, the separate fields appears but there not correctly fill by app-contacts.

I will try your suggestion soon,