Contacts missing information on web

I’m using Murena cloud for basically everything, files, calendar, contacts, tasks etc. It is all working ok, but the contacts. I added a new contact, which I cannot find using the webpage. Also, existing contacts have less information in the web browser than in the contacts app on my phone.

The contact was added 4 days ago. I forced it to sync.

I am also a bit confused on what apps to use to sync everything.
I am using Nextcloud for files, and for the rest standard /e/ accounts. I also have DAVx installed (but not setup), maybe that causes some errors?

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what /e/version are you on?

But calendar sync is working? you could try re-adding the account

I went into this recently at Contacts Not Syncing

Not sure about davx, shouldn’t make a difference. But if you haven’t setup anything, removing can be a test?

Just to be sure: Did you doublecheck you did not create a local contact instead of carddav? your default adressbook in contacts settings should not be device or local or the like but your murena or /e/ adressbook.

Btw: usually no need to have an extra davx5 install since webdav in onboard account manager isn’t any different than Davx5
Anyways Davx5 should not do any harm, especially if no potentially conflicting account is created therein and even then I would not expect conflict as it should depend on your default adressbook setting.
(edit: correction)

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Version is: /e/OS 1.5-20221028230215

Yes, it is saved in

WebDav Address book
Contacts (d… Ug)

Maybe the could cause the issue?
I will try the things in the forum @tcecyk linked tonight, see if that solves anything.

Thanks so far!

So I deleted my e account from the device and added it again. I uninstalled davx app.

It appears as if everything works now! My test contact and adress book sync properly and I can even see my work email. However, when I try to open the latter, it now sais this:

It directs me to download an ICS app from either Fdroid or Aurora store. Shouldnt this not be included in the OS? Do I break anything if I download this app?

Also, I restored my contacts accidentally to the local memory of my phone the other day. How do I remove the local contacts and only use the synced contacts?

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Maybe it should be included but it isn’t :slight_smile: You won’t break anything and it will allow you to subscribe to WebCal calendars, and to view the ones you are subscribed to in your /e/ account

You need to delete them from the Contacts Storage system app.
Settings | Apps | Show system | Contacts Storage | Storage and cache | Clear storage