Contacts not possible to save in murena-cloud, storage device 2 times avalaible

Dear gents.
I have 2 issues.

1st issue
Storage location for devices 2 times available.
1st device does contain 1 contact
2nd device location is empty
=> how do I get rid of.

2nd issue
I wanted to store contact information of restaurant from default navigation app.
Could not choose storage location, no drop down menue.

Regards and thank you

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In English the Gerät item is Device and it refers to contacts stored on the SIM card.

On my phone I see Gerät / Device only once. (As it happens I have no contacts saved to SIM card.)

Your upper image might be explained by 2 SIM cards ?

The Contacts app itself is represented by top item, the coloured icon and Kontakte / Contacts.

Your third image from Maps / Magic Earth looks wrong, I did not spot it first time, but I can reproduce it

I expect Maps should only save to the default location

Contacts app > top left 3 bar menu > Settings > Default account for new contacts

(provides the opportunity to save to Device should one so choose – not my case)

I edited this post several times, apologies, I now think this is a fault within Maps.

Incidentally, Save to device fails and the “new contact” is in my case saved to the Contacts app.

Magic Earth version

Dear aibd,
thank you for the device / Geräte translation (I did not considered it)

About 2 devices remark, yes my device does has 2 SIM-slots, only one is populated.

About default Magic Earth navigation. It is per initial installation on the device and not touched.

May be “Bug” by Magic Earth?

Thank you for summary


I think so, furthermore I see the same “Save to device” with rectangular icon in Magic Earth
Version installed from App Lounge on a Custom Slim version of /e/OS, implying the issue may be at Magic Earth level, not /e/OS.

Contrarian position. However, from a Magic Earth POV, the contact is being saved to the device, that is exported out of Magic Earth, the icon is of a device or phone, not a SIM card!

@roadrunner34 are you able to confirm that your “newly saved contact” does appear safely in the Contacts app ? … that is your “default save location for Contacts”.

  • Firstly to Contacts app on phone …
  • Secondly after allowing for sync, the contact later appears on Murena cloud (as this was part of your title here).
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Dear aibd,
I did as you mentioned.
Created on phone the new contact and it was sycronized on web. It works.
Single case is still open, Magic Earth does not allow to choose storing location in case you add from the contact info a new entry, here only device is allowed.

I think that sounds correct. Magic Earth saves the contact to the default contact location of the device.

Magic Earth used to have a problem saving a contact, mentioned in this thread but that was fixed back in May.

When you save a POI it will bring up the Save Contact screen. From there you can choose any account available in the ‘Saving to’ dropdown, including Device.

Forgot which version had the fix. Current version is

If I am off track then disregard.:grin:

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Dear marcdw
Update of Magic Erarth as the solution

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