Crash out and blank screen when i want to change location in privacy setting

Hello friends. I am very happy since I found e so as a privacy operating system, but my phone is not in the list of supported devices and I had to install gsi. I didn’t have any problems or lags with e os until I changed the location in the phone settings and in the advanced privacy section. My phone hung up and came out of settings. Currently, I can only toggle privacy settings from the main menu by swiping to the right. I hope this problem will be solved in future updates. Does anyone have a current solution?

can’t find a crash or GSI issue in AP listed yet. Might be worth to get a logcat of the crash and post it to the backlog -[]=Advanced%20Privacy

Are you in a position to work with adb logcat? there are also Apps that can do this more easily: LogFox and LogCat Reader