[CUSTOM BUILD] Galaxy S7 herolte --- Android Q -- new build Sept. 16th

have build a Q-eOS rom for S7 with the alpha sources from eOS.

The build is untested. So use on own risk.

It is really a custom build, because I have made some changes in bootanimation, background, launcher and I have removed all goolag calls which are still in the alpha sources.

download here https://ecloud.global/s/L6SImzMrcfT7mUu,

September 16th: new build with resent button fix


harvey186’s e-0.11-q-20200908-UNOFFICIAL-herolte

You like, or not? …

Edit: Just sern that I have to change the english version of your last Screenshot. In german it looks different

A quick first impression: The font misleads my eyes. The texts seem a little blurred. I can read a straight serifless font more clearly.

I have changed the font size bigger in Settings/display. So it better readable und loojs good (my personal feeling)

Cool, well done.

It’s interesting to notice that it is Q alpha, which is android 10, while android 11 was officially released two days ago. So getting e working takes the time of - more or less - one android version release.

A year for a free distribution, I found it fast.

Also this past year, we won 3 versions on the S7 nougat->Q

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The official eOS e-0.11-o-2020082870470-dev-hero2lte continues to bob along. It would be great of you, Sir @harvey186, if you could updated a new version including MicroG feature (Exposure Notification) in a free minute - like this => [GSI] Q-GSI - new version October 17th. The S7 ‘herolte’ is appreciated by a larger user community - even if you are not a real friend of Galaxy’s ;~]

Sorry, in the moment I’m only building eOS-Q-GSI with new MicroG and LeOS-R-GSI

Yeah, it’s okay. Unfortunately the S7 is officially not Treble Project compatible. But I will try to find an unofficial way to make the partitions Treble GSI ready.