/e/ on Samsung Galaxy S7 with android 8 Oreo

This afternoon I also looked for a ‘stable’ Oero-Upgrade.

In response I received a Nougart update to e-0.11-n-20200831*-herolte.

Be patient, all things are difficult before they become easy.

The Stable Oreo build should be available ‘soon’…how soon I will check and get back most probably by Monday.
Will the update to oreo happen OTA or do users have to flash this manually again I have to get this confirmed because the device is sold on our eShop and from what I know there was some development effort put into making the OTA upgrade possible. Have to again check if that is possible or users will first need to do a manual flash and then get subsequent builds OTA.

Thank you for your answer. Well I sure hope that /e/ team will do what is necessary to make the upgrades OTA since as you say, it is sold in your shop. Otherwise it would be quite a backstab for your customers and backers since most of them bought their phones from there because they don’t know how and are not comfortable with flashing phones themselves and thinking that their OS was going to be supported/upgraded without requiring them to do it.
For the sake of /e/OS credibility and its responsability towards them, I really advise the team to do their best about that, so take your time if necessary. Your customers and backer will be most grateful

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Nine days later: “No new updates found.”

Time is relative. Nine days later, everything is still the same: no ‘stable’ Oero available for S7. One might think that the ‘dev’ Oero version was quickly thrown on the market to appease the user community that has been begging for an eOS upgrade for months…

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You have to be patient and not forget that it is a free OS. I am like most users, impatient to have the latest version so that my hardware works as well as possible, but you have to remember that there are developers behind this and they often participate in their free time and have a job.
So don’t give pressure and as you say time is relative, elastic, compressible etc! :smiley:
Have a nice day!

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such and very similar “explanations” can be read here in the forum quite often. If you are satisfied with that, okay. But also keep in mind that other custom roms (not only for the S7) are also built by recreational developers. [By the way: The whole LineageOS Project is based on recreational work of the LOS team]. There the Oreo 8.x phase is already a thing of the past and the devs are successfully working on ASOP 9-Pie and especially ASOP 10 (Q).

My S7 herolte hasn’t been calculating with 7-nougart or 8-oreo for a while now, but with LOS 16.0 or LOS 17.1 (also with included microG apps). Here the developer Ivan Meler, who is well known in the scene, does first class preparatory work. And several ROMs are based on his performance. Also several versions /e/ OS Unofficial Pie and Q Builds, e. g. here | here and here or here.

I only come back to eOS from time to time to check the “official” statements made. And as it has been proven many times before, in reality they are relative.
Have a nice day!


The s7 stable build will continue on nougat. The reason why the oreo update is not available on the stable build is the updater is not able to upgrade the OS. The developer tried to work on it but were not able to get it to work fully. It is unfortunate but for now we do not have an option.

Thanks for your answer Manoj.

So we have to upgrade manually to Oreo.
Does that mean that the S7 Oreo build will stay in “dev mode” or does a stable Oreo build exist ?

Hi @flopiflop from souces, there is no difference between ‘dev’ or ‘stable’. Both are from same sources

Hi @Manoj, thanks for the info. I am one of the users having bought an S7 edge with pre-installed /e/ OS because I think it is a great project and thought my own tech knowledge would not allow me to flash it myself (in the meantime I managed flashing /e/ with Odin on an old device - but I am not sure I want to dare it on my main /e/ phone). Therefore I have 2 questions:

  • Is the update to Oreo important for safety reasons (i.e. is it currently still safe to use Nougat in the /e/OS Version?)

  • Has work on an OTA Update to Oreo been given up or will it just take more time?

I agree with @Popescu that this would be very important for many people having bought an /e/ phone in the shop in the hope to use it for a long time.

Overall I am really pleased with my /e/ phone and happy to have found a way out of the permanent google tracking.


I only want inform you the manoj is out of office for the next 4 or 5 days

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When the cat's away, the mice will play.

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No! How do you get such absurd thoughts?!

This proverb exists in many countries of the world, e.g. Kadar mačke ni doma, miši plešejo (Slovenian); Keď kocúr nie je doma, myši majú bál (Slovak); Když kocour není doma, myši mají pré (Czech); Nincs otthon a macska, cincognak az egerek (Hungarian)

Because i am not a serious guy, gentle, helpful, but not serious…

I german: “Wenn die Katze außer Haus ist, tanzen die Mäuse auf dem Tisch”

This means that update won’t be available by OTA.
However, I suppose easy-installer will include the oreo version of android ? Is there a schedule for such an implementation ?

I think you would be able to upgrade (not update) to oreo with the easy TWRP install feature, when an « e.oreo.zip for e.shop.refurbished.S7 » will be ready.

That’s a huge disappointment for everybody who has purchased a S7 from /e/ and was thinking that they were buying a phone that was actually going to be supported.
That’s also a major concern since android nougat is outdated which brings serious security issues. That’s a real blow to /e/ credibility.

#56 You are not alone with your disappointment! But let us put our emotions into the background and let us be pragmatic.

As long as the S7 works on current Android Security Patch Level 05.09.2020, it is relatively safe. Not only /e/ but also LineageOS maintainers generate security patches from Android 8.x and higher for LineageOS 14.1 (ASOP Android 7-Nougart) ROMs.

You can also upgrade to the current Oreo-8.1.2 ‘dev’ version e-0.12-o-2020093076269-dev-herolte with TWRP Recovery as a layman to escape the lagging ‘stable’ version e-0.11-n-20200831*. The handling is at least as easy as using the so-called /e/asy installer and is completed in a few minutes. Writing step-by-step instructions takes longer! If you are ready to do so I will support you.

Sometimes I wonder which is safer: an older version like nougat where loopholes have been patched for years, or the latest version with lots of new vulnerabilities…