[CUSTOM BUILD] minimal eOS pie version

a pity, because I don’t have the time to search for the working sources

Does it need same hardware (memory/RAM) than a normal build ?

it’s a bit smaler storage, but RAM is the same. On my bacon the zip has 200 mb less than full version


I was talking about PC’s spec. (to build the ROM).

Ah, OK, that build needs the same ram and very small less storage.

Thanks for this too.

@harvey186 @Manoj

Off topic:

Any idea why is /e/ OS pie is on the older kernel 3.4.113?

I am using lineageos pie and its on kernel 4.4.153.

No, don’t know, sorry …

Let me check if there are plans to upgrade to the latest kernel

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Good evening, @harvey186,

I run the good unofficial pie /e/community build by @Chimpthepimp On my Samsung Galaxy s4mini i9195 (serranoltexx)
I am interesting by an image without microG for my ROM, (for now disabled, I don’t need it, I don’t trust it for privacy)
I was thinking about it, since a few months, and seriously since a few days (2 or 3), but don’t dare to ask him if it is possible (if it still /e/ according to the build rules).
Good news, if I am not alone thinking about this point.

Edit : I like /e/apps

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Good morning, sir,
Thank you for your work.
I installed an unofficial version of /e/ on my nexus 7 2013 wifi flo. The android version is 8.1.0.
Do you think my tablet can benefit from your work?
For info: previously, my tablet was running on lineageOS 17.1 (unofficial version with android 10) without any problem; except for the lack of update.
Thank you for that.

could you check if it is a treble enabled device ? If yes, you can install a eOS-GSI on it.

For building eOS there are no LOS17 sources. If you will find LOS16 LineageOS sources than a build is not a hard work

Have a look.here

If you want have a eOS version with MicroG and signature spoofing enabled wait one day. I’m just improving the script. Hope it will work fine til tommorrow morning

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Hej @harvey186, it’s no secret that I appreciate your work in /e/ forum and your ability to build custom ROMs in different ways. I also know that you spend a lot of time supporting telegram groups.

It would also be a great benefit for /e/ if you could divert time to development for /e/ OS ROM 9-pie for the Galaxy S7 “herolte” and S7 Edge “hero2lte” among others.

A German developer has been building LOS 16.0 ROMs since the end of 2019 and has been releasing a monthly OTA update for very good working LOPS16 builds since then. In the meantime, five builds each for “herolte” and “hero2lte” are freely available - with status quo May 19, 2020.

So there must be LOS16 LineageOS sources. So building a /e/ 0.9-p build with security lease May 2020 should be possible for an expert like you. Praise and recognition would be assured.
Best regards from archje.

Send me the place of the LOS16 build and I can have a look.

Yes Sir … done …!

Another mini /e/ OS Build 9-pie, created by @harvey186

and previewed by @archje

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Hi. Can you make a build for my i9305 ?

@ harvey186 and @ archje are no more members…

But mini Pie is an interesting way for old devices with little /system partition

Modifiy the partition size in the sources is another way.

Both solutions have theirs limits, but can extend device life.

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