[CUSTOM BUILD] Pi/e/ test ROM for Galaxy Note2 (N7100)

I have build eOS Pie version. It’s a personal edition with some changes/extra.When I have some time left, I will also build a ‘normal’ eOS version.

Download here

It’s NOT fully tested. Fell free to try. Feedback welcome


shouldn’t it be called “[CUSTOM BUILD]” then ?

Good idea …

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Hello harvey186

I got the chance to fully test this rom and it is pretty much running well. So I came to report bugs here.

First bug is when the phone charges up to 70% (or higher) it becomes hot and reboots. Interestingly a few apps gone missing (uninstalled by itself) after that reboot (every time I charge the phone it happens)

Some sensors are missing like light sensor.

GPS has slightly wrong values.

Firefox preview and focus reboots the phone.

Other than these, it is good.

Thank you for your work.

Hi, how long should /e/ rom load after installation during its first boot?

Not more than 5 minutes

mine takes a very long time…I don’t know why…may you please help me out?



Could you make a minimal version of this rom (no micrg, no default apps etc)?

Much love, thank you

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Sorry, not in the moment. I’m low an resources. Sorry

There is now an alpha LineageOS 19.0 (Android 12) version on XDA

I made a recent Pie build if anyone wants to test:


Hello. Can you give me some details? What works and what doesn’t? Are there random reboots?

sorry I don’t know. You have to try

That is, the firmware was not checked at all? Post it at least on the xda forum for feedback.

No, I don’t even own the device. Its a port of a Lineage version. Sorry, usually I post the source.


Using Comico work is a very bad idea. These are the most unstable firmwares that reboot due to any action. They are literally impossible to use!

Sorry I did use source from [html6405], just found it in my bookmarks. But don’t know how good the ROM is.


html6405 released a Pie version only for the 7105 (4G version). When installing on the n7100 (3G version), we will encounter unpleasant errors…

Yeah as said I did not post the source initially so I’m not 100% in this case what the source is.
Unfortunately, newer versions from html6405 needs a lot of tweaking and there are no instructions to build. So I could not port for /e/OS on never Android versions