CVE-2021-0473 missing patch


Great! Since version 1.0 of /e/ os De.srlabs.snoopsnitch is now working perfectly on Fairphone 3 !

The result is very good … the fact is there is only ONE missing patch => CVE-2021-0473
Do you know why? Is there any specific reason?
Does this vulnerability can be used on Fairphone 3 with /e/ os ?


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It is still the case with the 1.2 version.

Can someone check this vulnerability?

Certainly, if you report it to the developers :wink:

Where are you finding this path missing?

The developers wanted more clarifications where are you finding it missing. This was the response from one of them
…just checked sources and its available in Q(via Lineage) and R(via AOSP)…

Many thanks @Manoj , I have an FP3 with atm /e/OS 1.2-20220725206061 (Android 10); and it was the case too with 1.1 and 1.0.
Do you need more information?

Using De.srlabs.snoopsnitch application allows reporting of missing vulnerability.