Dark mode and QR code in e-mails


There is an annoying problem with the e-mail app and QR codes.
I have turned dark mode on.
So, e-mails backgrounds are dark which is stopping QR codes from working in e-mails.
When disabling dark mode and restarting the phone, the e-mail app stays in dark mode.

Do you know how to switch it back to light mode ?

Best regards.

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I cannot reproduce this in that dark and light theme switch on and off in Mail app with the rest of the system, perhaps you could share your device details like this


It’s a Samgung S9 on /e/ Q.


Tried to reproduce with my /e/ 1.8.1 Q (Essential mata) and 1.10 R (Teracube emerald). Same as @aibd , Mail app respects system settings.

You did not mention what build you are on. The latest 1.12.3?

Yes, 1.12.3.
I have tried again to change to light mode with restart but email app still in dark mode

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