Data Block on my Murena Phone

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I have the Murena One and the carrier is AT&T in the USA. Prior to the purchase I was advised by support at Murena the sim card would work in this phone. My previous phone was an Apple SE. Upon receipt of Murena One the sim card was transferred to it and there were no issues. Everything worked well from phone calls, texting, internet surfing. No known issues.

However at some time I had to reintroduce the sim card back to my Apple SE due to some apps,I had to use for a trip. The navigation would not work nor music so I called AT&T and was advised there was a Data Block put on my line or sim card or account. This was due to AT& T recognizing the Murena One or /e/ OS as foreign to the system. Upon calling AT&T tech support they took off the Data Block and everything functions well now.

I don’t understand the technical aspect about Data Block and how AT&T recognized a “foreign” intruder phone on their system but perhaps someone can explain that to me and how my Murena One phone was able to function normally but upon reinstalling the sim card into the Apple SE phone it would not allow it function normally due to the Data Block.

This is third time I switched out the sim card from Murena One to Apple SE and the Data Block was put onto my line or account.

Can /e/ OS provide something to prevent this Data Block when switching between phones?

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your device sends user-agent info while authenticating (see the ims_user_agent things here). Carriers can configure what features the sim+user-agent pair can use. There can be valid reasons to limit features - and shenanigans. If it worked before and now doesn’t, it’s in the latter camp. There’s little /e/ can do, it’s at the discretion of the carrier. If you can (have coverage by T-Mobile as backup) put your foot down with support.