DAVx & Ecloud: Constant error messages, though working fine?!

Hi /e/sters,

perhaps somebody can give me a hand or some info: Since two days my phone drives me insane by beeping every ten minutes or so because of some alleged DAVx error syncing with Ecloud. Calender, contacts and email are still working, though.

Error reads “HTTP 501 Not Implemented”.

As far as I understand the log, the error has something to do with syncing contacts. I haven’t changed anything of the setup, not on my phone nor in Ecloud. Does anybody have a clue? If needed, I could provide the whole debug log. The phone is a FP3+, the /e/ is 0.19.

Thanks for your time & effort

Not sure if it could help. I have similar issues. I can’t sync my contacts nor calendar with my Google account. (authentication failures each 15 min.)
Finally I could find this workaround that works perfectly well:

Erase my Google account from settings => accounts
Download DAVx5 from the apps store
Set up DAVx5 for my calendar and address book
Add my Google account from settings and uncheck all sync events but E-mail

Everything is well sync now!


Thanks for your recommendation, as a last resort I will give it a try, though setting everything up from the scratch is what I would like to avoid.

Until recently everything worked fine with Ecloud and pre-installed WebDAV (which, according to the log, seems to be branched from or is identical to DAVx, dunno, I’m just a literate noob). Because my setup hasn’t changed, I thought something else must have changed, and I remember that in the past there have been some issues with Ecloud itself, so I hoped (and still am hoping) that the error is on the providers side and could be fixed there.

Does anybody have any information on current povider-based problems with Ecloud?

Always worth checking here https://status.ecloud.global/, maybe?


Wow, thank you! Didn’t know this status page and haven’t discovered it in the documentation. And it shows exactly my issue. Great!

You can find the status page linked here

Oh boy, in the face, it’s right there, I must have been blind. Sorry & thanks for the clarification!

That you even have time to take care of such a petty post like mine…

Hey together,

I have exactly the same issue on my FP3+ and it really drives me crazy. Is there any experience how long the fix will take? Or is there a possibility to avoid these messages?

Thank you,

Hi @eUser123 , you could temporarily reduce the sync-frequency.

  1. Open the account settings, click on your e-account and on “Account extra settings”

  2. Open settings by clicking the settings button:

  3. Adapt the sync frequency as needed.

Hope this helps in the meanwhile.


Hey Johann, thank you so much for your instructions! Works perfectly fine :slight_smile: