eCloud: Still constant DAVx sync errors, though everything works fine


I already made a similar post here [DAVx & Ecloud: Constant error messages, though working fine?!], but although eClouds status [] switched back to “Operational” about two weeks ago, the error messaging stating “HTTP 501 Not Implemented” hasn’t stopped or slowed down and drives me crazy.

To mention it, since setting up DAVx I haven’t changed a thing in the settings of DAVx (on the phone) as well as eCloud (online).

Below, I attached a screenshot of the anonymized error log (thanks to user restrictions only the upper, longer part, if needed I could of cause provide the rest) and would appreciate it, if anybody with expertise could take a look at it. Perhaps it’s just a simple issue, that I am to illiterate to recognize.

Thanks in advance & happy holidays

Yes I am having the same issue.

Second part of the log, didn’t thought of posting one after another…

I have to admit that I am a complete loss! At least somehow…
After looking closer again, I was able to track down the source (not the reason) of my problem! Perhaps this may apply to you, and others, too:

After looking at the log for the #"§! time, I finally stumbled upon the word “recent” being included in the address of the failed request. DAVx created to different address books synchronizing with eCloud, roughly translated “Contacts” and “Recent(ly contacted)”, in German “Kontakte” and “Zuletzt kontaktiert”. They also show up in the Contacts App as two different accounts, “??? Aw” and “??? TA”.

By de-selecting the “Recent” address book in DAVx (screenshot), and thus stopping synchronisation, I was able to stop the tedious error messaging.

I still have no clue why all of the sudden something started malfunctioning with me not having changed any settings, neither on the phone nor online. Although the problem is solved, the source remains a mystery to me.

“501 Not Implemented” server error response code means that the server does not support the functionality required to fulfil the request. Why does eCloud no longer support a functionality, that it obviously supported in the past? Or am I getting something wrong?

Thank you very much for this explanation, really helpful. Been having the same problem over the past two days. I have now unchecked “recently contacted” and it seems to have done the job.

For anyone else searching for where to do that, I found it find via calendar > settings > accounts > e address book > account extra settings.