DC Dimming option for FP5


When I first heard the FP5 was going to have an OLED screen, my heart sank, as I’m sensitive to PWM flicker. However, asking on the FP forums if there was any information on the specs of the screen, a very helpful person checked their pre-release FP5 had an option in settings to turn DC dimming on.

I know sometimes settings differ between stock android and e/OS from my brief time with a Gigaset GS290 in the past - would anyone be able to confirm if the DC Dimming option has made it to e/OS infact and working? If so, it means the FP5 is likely to be the replacement for my aging iPhone.

Yes, I appreciate I’m asking about a phone that hasn’t been released yet, but if Murena is already taking pre-orders for it preinstalled, that presumably means someone out there has one in their pocket right now :slight_smile:

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@Manoj: Can the team please check?
Fairphone forum reference: https://forum.fairphone.com/t/oled-screen-specifications-pwm-usage/99626/4?u=anotherelk


Thank you for tagging Manoj - yup, can confirm, thats my post! :slight_smile:

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Checking on this, will get back with the teams response.

Update: Discussed this with the team. The option is available on the FP5 test builds we have. The team will evaluate if the option works on /e/OS once we have the next set of test builds available. An issue has been created for this.


Can I ask for an update on this? The issue link isn’t very clear for a non-coder to be able to work out exactly what’s going on.

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