De-googling the OS? What does that mean exactly? What about Amazon?



I understand that the idea is that an /e/ phone OS is “de-googled”, but now I am wondering more precisely what that means.

Does it simply mean that the OS and the apps loaded on the phone will not directly send information to Google?

Or, does the meaning go further and mean that any website I visit in a browser using the /e/ OS will not be able to send any ad/analytic information from the visited web page to Google?

Finally - In whatever sense it will mean to “de-google” the /e/ OS, will that also apply to other players such as Amazon? Or will a phone with the /e/ OS still send information to Amazon just like any Android device, and only Google is being blocked?


@dln949 De-googling is a term used to mean any organization that would be secretly stealing the user’s data. Just like ‘googling’ is a term used to indicate a web search or Xerox is used as a term for photocopying documents. It is logical that when we in /e/ maintain that we are de-googling our OS we would be checking for any apps or lines in the code which could be sending out user data. It is not restricted to google or Amazon but any organization.