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I am New Here and try to set up my New Murena Fairphone 4.

I imported a vcf file in Contacts APP 1.7.31. Now I want to delete all contacts with one click. Even I saw a community post where a function was mentioned I do not find in My Version. To tap longer an a contact the check boxes appear but no possibility to check Them all at once.

NOTE: I do not have an e cloud account (nor intend to) to sync with.

Thank you for assistance.


Delete cache and storage of the APP in settings/Apps
(Reset the APP)

I think deleting stuff in the Contacts app won’t work.You need to clear storage for the ‘Contacts Storage’ system app (Settings | Apps and notifications | Show system)

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Thank you. I followed you Instruktion:

  • deleted cache and storage
  • deactivated APP
  • rebooted phone
  • reactivated APP
  • cache 0 KB, storage 4 KB
  • opened contact APP
  • all entries remained!

unfortunately, this procedure is not the right one

Could you Assistent further vor forward to next level support?

Thanks in advance


I had the same problem a while ago and my solution was to install another contacts app that did offer a mass delete function.

Thanks. Would you share which app it was?

I would, but I don’t remember. I removed it after I mass deleted all my contacts.

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