Desktop synchronizaton (music, backup, etc)

Dear all,
I am new to Android, and new to /e/ of course :wink:
Sorry if my question is naïve '^^

I would like to know what is your prefered application (or method) to :

  • synchronize your music with your computer (I have a Linux desktop)
  • backup all the smartphone data on a computer in case the phone be stolen or crashed
  • have an easy way to export calendar, contact, etc (desktop apps maybe?)

Thank for you advice on these two topics :slight_smile:

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Short answer.

  1. Have a look in the eWiki section
  2. Syncronisation all via edrive
  3. Backup via TWRP

Search within THIS thread and for KDE Connect in addition.

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+1 for KDEConnnect. Note that it works perfectly with Gnome

You can send a file to your phone directly from Nautilus with nautilus-kdeconnect.
It’s not maintained anymore but works fine with Debian 10 + Gnome 3.30.2

To synchronize Calendar and Contacts: Etar + Davx5 + Nextcloud. I can synchronize with no friction between 2 phones and computer, and access my data also with a Web browser

For the Bookmarks, Firefox Sync