Desktop version of /e/ OS?

Hello, are there any plans to release a desktop version of the OS in the pipeline?

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Yes, there are plans on coming out with a desktop version. That will be in the future. It would be good to have an OS that will be tightly integrated with the smartphone OS and its default applications.


Linux based ?
Debian ?

Hopefully Android or what’s the point really? If you want a GNU/Linux desktop there are already hundreds to choose from.

I know there is a wide choice of Linux based OS.
Which would be the advantages of an android OS ?
Interacting fully with the phone, of course. But what for the rest?

Just asking, not polemizing.

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Ooh…! An /e/OS desktop could have some interesting applications. For example, replacing the OS on an Android TV system or Android-based streaming device, to kill all the data tracking and the constant calls to the Gooborg.

I can certainly see the appeal of running on a desktop the same stuff as on your phone in the same way as on your phone. Could be based on something like (I even tried that once on a PC ages ago out of curiosity, it booted in no time of course, pretty interesting).

Exactly what Taurus said, but on any old x86 or arm hardware. Imagine using your streaming platform apps without identifying yourself to Google. In UK our various national broadcasters catchup streams can only be viewed in a browser on Linux. This is not a satisfactory experience on a TV.

I see. So it is mostly for entertainment, isn’t it ?

For me, yes. I’m sure others would have different applications in mind.

It’d be great if the operating system could also act as a selfhosted ecloud server that only required a simple sign-in to your Murena account to use it.