Device not charging in car (GPS on)

I used my previous phone pretty much everyday as GPS device in the car and normally I used to charge it while driving. Of course it didn’t charge as fast as at home but it was enough for me to go. Now that I made my /e/ flashed S9 my daily phone, I made a 1h15min drive with my /e/ S9 charging in the car (my radio has USB plug) with the GPS on (I use Osmand), and the battery not only didn’t charge but it drained 20 % during that time :frowning:

Someone with /e/ Galaxy S9 (or stock ROM) experienced something similar? Is the GPS or screen usage soo huge that it prevents the phone from charging in the car? I will try it some more days to check if this behaviour continues, but unfortunately, if I can’t solve this problem, I will have to reverse to Stock ROM and return the phone, as I need it to be able to use it as GPS and charge it in the car every day… It would be great to know if other Samsung devices (S7 Edge) behave the same, because battery is quite an important aspect for me and wouldn’t mind switching to /e/ in an S7 edge (600 mah more), even if its an older phone, if that gives me less battery drain.

The S9 is known for its extremely bad battery life. It has a relatively small battery capacity compared to the phone’s powerful hardware. I personally have no experience with battery life on stock ROM and therefore can only tell you how it behaves with /e/.

There’s been an /e/ update in December (I think) which drastically improved battery life after my perception, so with normal use I usually get around 5 hours of screen-on-time now.

With GPS, the battery really drains fast and I experienced the same that the phone actually discharged while still being connected to a car charger. But I don’t know if this is specifically connected to /e/ or as mentioned before, to the powerful phone hardware. Maybe also try switching between the different GPS modes. “High accuracy” drains the battery faster than “Device only”. If you are not driving directly in a crowded city, then “Device only” would probably be enough for your needs.

However, I discovered that this obviously depends on the charger you use. Usually, USB ports in your car radio do not support any kind of quick charging and therefore limit the output USB current to 500 mA according to the USB specification. So you actually charge your phone with a power as little as only 2.5 Watts. That’s only a quarter of the power a standard wall charger would give you (around 10 Watts, without any quickcharging).
I would recommend you to buy a 12V USB charger which plugs in your car’s cigarette lighter. Try to look for one with quickcharging support like Qualcomm QC or similar which will allow you to charge your phone with 15 W +.

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I’m a huge fan of Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge and have been testing it for a while with LineageOS 16.0 and since a few days LineageOS 17.1.

“hero2lte” also eats a lot of power due to its large display, but the battery is better adapted to the performance of the hardware.

And for GPS in the car the performance is more than sufficient, and also otherwise …

Thanks for your tips @exyna and @archje. I had no idea that the s9 had such a bad battery performance… But I returned the S9 to the second hand shop and in fact they told me that the battery is not working as good as it should be, so they gave me the chance to change the phone, and I’m thinking about taking an S7 or S7 Edge.

Blockquote “hero2lte” also eats a lot of power due to its large display, but the battery is better adapted to the performance of the hardware.

This makes me hesitate about the S7 Edge, but it also has 3600 mah, so it could be worth it. The fact that in /e/ is not possible to change HD-FHD-WQHD doesn’t help quite much (for me HD is more than enough). So, for maximal battery life, even if it has 3000 mah, maybe S7 is better?

Hello @graz, only a personal test will bring clarity, because that is where the real facts are. Tests of others allow conclusions to be drawn conditionally.

I particularly like the S7 Edge with its 3,600 mAh battery, but my personal favorites are the S8 and S8+. With 3,500 mAh, the S8+ has only a slightly smaller battery than the S7 Edge.

However, the planned /e/ OS ROM with 9-Pie speaks for the S8 series, where against the S7 series currently only 8-Oero can be expected. The 9-Pie version does so much better than its predecessors, so that one can also speculate on a better energy management. But we won’t know until we’ve tried it out.

However, the planned /e/ OS ROM with 9-Pie speaks for the S8 series, where against the S7 series currently only 8-Oero can be expected

Ouch! I didn’t know that /e/ Pie will not arrive to S7 series… That hurts. I thought that, as S7 and S7 edge were being sold with /e/ preinstalled, they would surely get /e/Pie. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s a pitty, as I had the idea of /e/ as old phone friendly OS.

The reason Pie is not as yet coming to the S7 is because we have not found a perfectly working LOS build for the S7. The builds we found had errors. The Oreo ROM on the other hand was good and has been ported first.
If there are perfectly working S7 Pie builds do let us know …will pass the details on to the dev team.