[Device Roadmap] Android 9 (Pie) & 10 (Q) : Test builds to upgrade currently supported devices

Hello Manoj!

No chance for a little cute Nexus 5 to be in this list? :wink:

Hi Julien,
All devices with working official LOS 17.1 or at the minimum 16.0 can get on this list.

Ok then, Nexus 5 > RIP

Hello Julien :slight_smile:

There are two issues with hammerhead :

  • Not officially supported by LineageOS on Oreo or Pie or 10 (only until Nougat)
  • The system partition is too small which is why there is no update since March.

But custom builds will be made with Oreo sources on the LineageOS github, some users reported they are working.

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Ok, indeed, I was wondering why I didn’t recieve any new updates.

That’s a Rocking good news :smiley: but I have to say good bye to /e/ then with this phone.

Oreo build is running seamlessly.

But removing LibreOffice as a system app made the trick, did it not? Wonder why this is not the default way…

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Not necessarily it the device is popular with users then we can see if it can be ported and sustained.


Indeed, maybe instead of integrating the complete version of some App in the image, is it possible to just put a shortcut that actually installs the App when the user clicks on it?
@manoj @Anonyme

:slight_smile: That is why we have App Installer or FDroid…users can download what apps they require

I meant instead of installing the full version of Apps inside the /e/ROM maybe just put a shortcut so:

  • it’s easy for beginners to find the basic app office, pdf viewer and so on…)
  • the /e/ROM is smaller and can be deployed on older smartphones (like nexus 5 :wink:)
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Do you expect a new official test build Pie for S7 Edge ?

As far as I know, the S7 & S7 Edge will be upgraded to Oreo first, and then it will probably be upgraded to Pie later.

But they aren’t officially supported by LineageOS on Oreo, Pie or Android 10, that’s why they are separated from other upgraded devices.

Test build OTA update failed to install on Oneplus 3T; twrp couldn’t handle the encryption and prompted a factory reset. That was a surprise!

EDIT: Started from scratch with fresh install of test build. Checked settings, phone not encrypted. Took the OTA and it failed again with unsuccessful encryption error, prompted factory reset. I couldn’t find the right steps in twrp this time to get back to the system.

In twrp “E: unable to decrypt FBE device” remained at the top of the output from the wiping actions, but installed test build again ok. I’ll leave it there for now.

For mido everything is working, i couldn t test functionalities using simcard (sms, telephone, mms …) or ecloud but all the rest seems to be working, even the OTA-update which seems to downgrade the device back to nougat… I will upload the testplan hopefully tomorrow :slight_smile:

To read here in this forum like a prayer wheel that the Lineage for the S7 or S7 Edge does not provide an official build is pathetic, because other developers are obviously able to release continuously working ROMs for these “Premium” /e/Phones, e.g. => Builds for herolte.

Also @harvey186 has proven that his 9-pie build works - even very well
=> [UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Unofficial Pie Build for Samsung Galaxy S7 (herolte)
=> [UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Unofficial Pie Build for Samsung Galaxy S7 edge (hero2lte) – new version June24

Why does /e/ shut itself off from these facts?

Yes, and that’s what’s going to happen with /e/.

Yes and that’s why we know that the port to Pie will be possible.

I agree that the set of upgrades is coming quite in late, sorry, mainly because the team was focused on other activities but now it’s on the top of the list.

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Again and again you can read about what is planned for the future, what might be sometime in the future. Many answers are like text modules from a manual for first level online supporters. But the present does not look very pleasant.

/e/ has so many plans - yes, interesting ones and valuable for the /e/ project - but the small /e/ team with a minimal financial budget gives the impression that his list of priorities is in a mess.

The latest plan to support as many devices as possible, and its only unofficial /e/ builds, I consider counterproductive.

Your Lists of UNOFFICIAL /e/ builds (Part 1) + (Part 2) are longer than the official /e/ list, with over 50 of them working more or less well with e-7-nougat ROMs. If /e/ is not able to update these 7-nougat devices, they should be removed immediately from the the official /e/ list. Quality rather than quantity would be a more serious strategy for /e/.

I would be grateful to those spending quite some time to provide unofficial builds to keep some devices available rather than anger and blame which doesnt help in any way.

It is far from perfect as you have noticed. It needs time and efforts. There is nothing ‘pathetic’ in hard work and yet not be able to achieve perfection.

If I wasnt building /e/-oreo for my phone, i would have to rely on lineage 14.1 (nougat) no longer updated. Is /e/ to blame for that ? i dont think so.


@blaes, I respect your opinion, but nothing more!

On my S7 herolte, builds of 2020 from LOS 15.1, 16.0, and 17.1 works (Builds for herolte). I would love to use /e/ OS. But /e/ for herolte dev (nougat) - no thanks!

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