[Device Roadmap] Android 9 (Pie) & 10 (Q) : Test builds to upgrade currently supported devices

In continuation to the Device Roadmap Plan and alongside the list of Test builds of new devices, we will be sharing in this thread test builds of already supported devices in order to upgrade them.

These builds are called ‘test’ builds as we would request users to flash the next OS version of /e/OS and share their feedback.
Based on the feedback the perfectly working devices will be added to the officially supported list.

  • This table might be updated with more devices
  • These test builds are made on the /e/ build infrastructure and will have the complete set of default /e/ apps and the latest source code
  • The builds are not going to come in this sequence but more based on which builds complete first :slight_smile:
  • For now posting the builds on Android File Host. Will later have these moved to the ecloud
  • These builds are untested from our side.
  • Users who are willing to test them on their device will have to flash them manually
  • Remember to make a backup before flashing
  • For some device especially Xiaomi devices you may need to flash stock ROM of the same OS first before flashing /e/OS
  • Devices against which a Partition size error shows up in the list means that build with the full compliment of /e/OS apps fails in Pie for these devices. This is due to the small size of the system partition of the device. We have a big list of such older devices. One of the suggestions to handle this is to come out with an /e/OS minimal version specifically for such real-estate starved devices. Just a few bare essential apps to get the build flashable, like we already did for some Nougat devices currently officially supported by “/e/OS minimal”.

Testing : Please note - only users experienced with flashing ROM’s should take part in the testing efforts.
To build the documentation around these devices we will need users who test them to share the details of the TWRP version if used, Stock ROM version if required to flash before /e/OS is to be applied and most important of all if the build is working or not.
Share the details in a post in this thread and I will add them in the table.
Let’s build the next set of supported devices together !

In the below table : ‘NA’ means Not Applicable or Not Required

Vendor Model CodeName Current Upgrade Download TWRP Stock ROM Working Y/ N
Google Nexus 6 shamu Nougat Pie Download
Huawei Honor 5X kiwi Nougat Pie Officially Supported twrp NA Y
LeEco Le S2 s2 Nougat Pie Officially Supported
LeEco Le Max2 x2 Oreo Pie Download
LeEco Le Pro3 / Le Pro3 Elite zl1 Oreo Pie Download
LG G2 (International) d802 Oreo Pie Download
LG G3 (International) d855 Nougat Pie Download
OnePlus 5 cheeseburger Nougat Pie Officially Supported
OnePlus 5T dumpling Oreo Pie Officially Supported TWRP NA Y
OnePlus One bacon Nougat Pie Download
Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016 Exynos) a3xelte Oreo Pie Download
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE hlte Nougat Pie Download
Samsung Galaxy S4 jfltexx Nougat Pie Download
Sony Xperia XA2 pioneer Oreo Pie Download twrp NA Y
Wileyfox Swift crackling Nougat Pie Download Y
Xiaomi Mi 5 gemini Nougat Pie Download 3.3.1-0
Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus natrium Nougat Pie Download
Xiaomi ‘Mi 6’ sagit Oreo Pie Download
Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S polaris Oreo Pie Download
Xiaomi ‘Mi Note 3’ jason Oreo Pie Download
Xiaomi Redmi 3S/3X land Oreo Pie Officially Supported twrp Y Y
Xiaomi Redmi 4(X) santoni Oreo Pie Officially Supported
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 mido Nougat Pie Download
HTC One (M8) m8 nougat Pie Partition Size error

Now officially supported or already upgraded again to a newer Android version :

Vendor Model CodeName Current Upgrade Download TWRP Stock ROM Working Y/ N
OnePlus ‘2’ oneplus2 nougat Pie Download
OnePlus ‘3 / 3T’ oneplus3 nougat Pie Download twrp NA Y

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Hi @Manoj !

Thanks for this thread, it makes things clear :slight_smile:

Nevertheless, may I kindly point out to you that :

  • Redmi 3 & Redmi 4, Redmi Note 4 download links lead to Mi 5 downloads
  • Mi 6, Mi Mix 2S, Mi Note 3 builds are available here (as well as above devices :wink: )

The root folder name is Mi 5 inside which i created the sub folder for all the Xiaomi devices.

Check the file name before downloading for your device. It should have your device code.

Not sure if there is a way I can change the root folder name

Oops, didn’t see sub-folders, sorry :frowning:

For root folders, you have to add devices to your “supported devices” collection.
For example : https://androidfilehost.com/?w=profile&uid=4349826312261712373
I think it’s easier to browse that way.
And you can share a root folder’s URL, so you won’t have to edit link when posting a new ROM :wink:

Initially thought of adding a folder for each device but soon realized that way I would be sitting on this site the whole day.
Then thought of having separate folders for each vendors and add the builds under each. Just wanted to make it easier for users to find files for each device in one folder.
There is a huge list waiting…this is just a trailer :slight_smile:

That’s a good point :slight_smile:
However, be aware that AndroidFileHost can be browsed by device, for example : https://androidfilehost.com/?w=search&s=Mi+Mix+2s#search-devices
Also, AndroidFileHost generates md5 sum for each file, so you just have to check it and it’s not necessary to upload it :wink:

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Is this test build based on 0.9 Unofficial /e/ os for mido?

I want to be a Tester and i ve sent my info. on your test mail but before installing the Test build i want to know following.
I ve already installed 0.9 Unofficial /e/ for mido. should i dirty flash the Test Build on the unofficial /e/ ?
So i wanted to ask is that is this Test build is based on the Unofficial Build ?


I have already responded to your mail. There is no need to volunteer as a tester. Any user with good experience of flashing ROM can try out these builds.
These builds are made on the /e/ build infrastructure. The code is the same as the one on official builds . Unofficial builds are made by users on their own machines or online servers.
Flashing I would recommend format + wipe out system cache and data and then install using TWRP. Take a back up if there is data on the device. Dirty flashing is your choice not sure it works . Some devices will need to revert to stock before flashing /e/ .
Pl note we are looking for user feedback like TWRP that worked or builds that do not work.

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I tried the link for the Sony Xperia XA2 - it lists that the image is for the “Sony Xperia E(C1505)”.

:slight_smile: I do not see any image . Pl can you check again. The download link leads to the pioneer build.

Yes, the file name was OK, so I downloaded it, and I am in the process of flashing it now.

Reloaded the link again, and it pops up listing the same again for me:
“for the Sony Xperia E(C1505)

2020-07-11 13.36 - e-0 9-p-2020071062365-test-pioneer zip by manojnair for Xperia E

Sorry I saw the fine print now. That was the initial folder name . I will be moving these files to separate folders with vendor name titles - Sony in this case.
Just check the build zip file name . It should have this file format
e-0.9-pie-build date -test and the device code which is pioneer for the Sony Xperia XA2 .
Pl check if the pie build works on your device and let us know. Based on your feedback we will decide which devices to move to the official supported list and which to drop.

Succesfully installed the test builds to OnePlus 3T and Xperia XA2 this weekend. The OP3T install was predictably smooth; all done in a few minutes. The XA2 was a bit more involved, but quite painless compared to my earlier attempts on this device! If you’ve got time to kill you can read all about it here.

It will take me a while to complete the testing plans but they will follow in due course.

Thanks /e/ for a fabulous OS!


Thanks @chrisrg for the feedback on the OP 3T and the Pioneer. This type of feedback helps the ‘which-devices-to-support’ decision :slight_smile:
The Pioneer install experience you added here will be a part of our documentation. We are working on making the documentation device specific.
At present we use the same model of creating generic install guides as Lineage does on its wiki. This approach does not exactly work well. Most devices need a little extra steps which eventually make all the difference between a smartphone that works and one that goes into a bootloop.


Hi. This is my first comment at /e/ community!!

I have successfully installed the build for Xiaomi mi5 gemini using latest twrp (3.4.0). The installation went flawlessly.

Thank you for this great ROM. I hope gemini will get official pie and receive regular security updates.


this is really great @Manoj, thanks, happy to be on the official version again with OTA updates

ps i think something is going wrong with the download counters. I downloaded the version above but the download counter did not increase (it was at 1, still at 1)

@Manoj , was there not a plan to come out with a barebones version anyways, for the tinkerers of the world, who prefer to start with as minimal OS as possible (literally just a dialer)?

perhaps we can leave even the dialer out :slight_smile: but it might be good to include the /e/ app store. Although it should be de-installable then.

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:slight_smile: The download counters are changing because I changed the folders . On AndroidFileHost you need to add a Device first and then add the builds under the device. As you are aware we have multiple vendors on our supported list . I requested them to add devices with generic vendor names for e.g. LeEco , Samsung, Google and then added these builds under these generic named folders.
WIth all the moving around the numbers seem to have changed a bit. Anyway that is ok. It is good that users are downloading the builds and testing them out.
I plan to make one build a month for these devices until they get on the official list. The one build a month is to coincide with the security patch update date.

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