[Device Roadmap] Android 9 (Pie) & 10 (Q) : Test builds to upgrade currently supported devices

To read here in this forum like a prayer wheel that the Lineage for the S7 or S7 Edge does not provide an official build is pathetic, because other developers are obviously able to release continuously working ROMs for these “Premium” /e/Phones, e.g. => Builds for herolte.

Also @harvey186 has proven that his 9-pie build works - even very well
=> [UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Unofficial Pie Build for Samsung Galaxy S7 (herolte)
=> [UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Unofficial Pie Build for Samsung Galaxy S7 edge (hero2lte) – new version June24

Why does /e/ shut itself off from these facts?

Yes, and that’s what’s going to happen with /e/.

Yes and that’s why we know that the port to Pie will be possible.

I agree that the set of upgrades is coming quite in late, sorry, mainly because the team was focused on other activities but now it’s on the top of the list.

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Again and again you can read about what is planned for the future, what might be sometime in the future. Many answers are like text modules from a manual for first level online supporters. But the present does not look very pleasant.

/e/ has so many plans - yes, interesting ones and valuable for the /e/ project - but the small /e/ team with a minimal financial budget gives the impression that his list of priorities is in a mess.

The latest plan to support as many devices as possible, and its only unofficial /e/ builds, I consider counterproductive.

Your Lists of UNOFFICIAL /e/ builds (Part 1) + (Part 2) are longer than the official /e/ list, with over 50 of them working more or less well with e-7-nougat ROMs. If /e/ is not able to update these 7-nougat devices, they should be removed immediately from the the official /e/ list. Quality rather than quantity would be a more serious strategy for /e/.

I would be grateful to those spending quite some time to provide unofficial builds to keep some devices available rather than anger and blame which doesnt help in any way.

It is far from perfect as you have noticed. It needs time and efforts. There is nothing ‘pathetic’ in hard work and yet not be able to achieve perfection.

If I wasnt building /e/-oreo for my phone, i would have to rely on lineage 14.1 (nougat) no longer updated. Is /e/ to blame for that ? i dont think so.


@blaes, I respect your opinion, but nothing more!

On my S7 herolte, builds of 2020 from LOS 15.1, 16.0, and 17.1 works (Builds for herolte). I would love to use /e/ OS. But /e/ for herolte dev (nougat) - no thanks!

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Indeed I didn’t give you a precise release date because I can’t garantee you the precise date will be the good one (and we don’t know it anyway). I know it’s frustrating to have “in the future” but… at least that’s true.
When we look back at what have been done each year, we can see that a lot of things evolve in a good way so don’t worry, you will have your upgrade in the next couple of months for sure (/e/ Nougat will be deprecated in Q4 2020 so the upgrade will come before this).

Anyway I just asked to the one in charge of this in order to have updated informations and he answered that almost everything is ready for an Oreo test build. Expect it in the following weeks (again, no precise date). For the stable version on phones sold by /e/, it will of course be later (via OTA) because it will need further testing.

I think that what has been achieved is a lot for a quite little team. They are well organized and we can’t say it’s a mess. Yes it could be better, like everything I guess, but things evolve quickly in a good way and that’s why I think this project won’t die tomorrow.

This plan doesn’t impact the dev/maintainer team (see it more like a community plan), so it won’t change anything, except that the number of updated unofficial builds will be higher, and the list of requested devices will finally be listened to (yes it won’t be official builds but it’s much better than nothing).

I invite you to look at this topic, that’s precisely what will be done.


On LineageOS website, only lineage 14.1 is available for this device.

Anyway if the roms from los-legacy.de you mentioned work well enough on your phone, maybe it can be used to build /e/ oreo pie versions, if they provide their sources.

edit :
Which they seem to do, I’ll have a look at it later today, and try to build pie version

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I see the builds of LOS for this phone on XDA forum website, and version 16 is also stable!!!
In the meantime you can use this:


XDA:DevDB Information
LineageOS 16.0 for S7, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S7

Source Code: https://github.com/ivanmeler/android…amsung_herolte

ROM OS Version: 9.x Pie
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.x

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 1.2.5
Stable Release Date: 2020-07-12

Created 2018-09-14
Last Updated 2020-07-12


@blaes Thank you for also respecting my opinion.

@harvey186 as proven with his builds that he has access to stable sources. He left at least this data: manifests or local_manifests-hero-pie

Hm, on my mido I have exactly a problem @chrisrg described:

So after the update is completed and phone reboot is performed, the phone wakes up and encryption error screen is shown with only “Reset phone” option available, and I’m not using encryption on my phone.
Build installed prior the update is the unofficial mido test update (e-0.9-p-2020070861902-test-mido.zip)

That problem actually is due to the OTA update you are notified about is nougat and it probably is being made from a different branch… It shouldn t happen to downgrade via OTA in a normal usecase … :slight_smile:

Sorry @Chimpthepimp, you are right. I just noticed it while manually initiating update download:

But, why is it so? Why is Nougat branch offered for Pie phone?

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I have no clue :smiley: it was discussed a little bit in another thread already some days ago … But no further informations about it…

Thank you for a fast response @Chimpthepimp!

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This is a bug. The nougat or downgrade versions should not be showing up on the Pie test builds. Ideally the updater should check the update version before adding it to the screen. Created a bug for this and follow up with the dev team.


Thanks guys for the OTA ‘update’ explanation. And I fell for it twice!!

I’ll book the long overdue eye test on Monday.

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Hi @Manoj,

There is a notification issue for Mail on OP3T and XA2: notifications arrive but don’t wake screen or trigger notification light. Tried various settings, app refresh.

Also there are issues with setting custom notification lights on both devices whereby the colour setting slider does not change anything, although the XA2 is slightly better for this one.

Got another -n- update too!

Are these issue exclusive to the Pie builds or did the occur on the previous OS builds as well?

The ‘n’ update showing up is a bug…Thanks for reminding me . Will discuss this with the team

Both devices on previous builds had white light for Mail notifications. Can’t remember whether display turned on too. I keep phones in flipcovers and I didn’t look at the settings very closely as they just worked. Same applies to the custom settings; I don’t even know if they were an option on the previous builds!

Do the LeEco Le S2 download numbers look a bit on the higher side ??? :thinking: