Disable Calender app (notifications)

I use Etar as my chosen calendar app with offline calendars.

Now I receive notifications both from Etar (which I want) and from the stock Calendar app (which I don’t want).

How do I uninstall, disable or at least silence Calendar?

  • “Disable app” is greyed out
  • The notification controls are greyed out
  • I cannot disable the offline calendars, because that disables them for Etar, too
  • My device is not rooted, and I don’t want to root it

try pm disable in adb:

I cannot tell you the package name of the calendar app, its removed on mine.
Location is /system/app or /system/priv-app

I’ll try 2 ways, both in Calendar settings :

  • hide calendar(s) events
  • hide notifications


Well, the hide calendar events doesn’t work because it affects all calendar apps, but I’ll test disabling notifications. Although I don’t understand why the normal way to disable notifications doesn’t work for this app.

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My “notification” screen looks differently than yours. I don’t have the “Behavior” entry where you change to “Show silently and minimize”. I went through all available settings with a fine comb, and can’t find one to really get rid of the notifications

EDIT: What Android version of /e/ are you using? Mine is Android 10

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I am also wrestling with this problem, on Android 10. The fact that we cannot disable them, and can ALSO not silence their notifications is incomprehensible.

Anyway, for Calendar I found a solution: disable all it’s permissions: Settings >> Apps and notifications >> Permissions. Specifically, it is possible to deny “Calendar”.

But for Tasks, this is not effective: although it has NO permissions, it still keeps giving notifications.
I have asked for help about this: How to disable Tasks-app notifications?.

— now I found a workaround. See there.

By the way, in Nougat, it is possible to silence Tasks.


Nothing but the official 0.13 Pie (20201208) on a Xiaomi santoni device.
Calendar app is foundation.e.calendar, v1.0.21.

You may also try to forbid Calendar to start at boot-up in Privacy Guard.

And that solved it for me!