Do NOT disturb, please


Not really an issue, I just dicovered stranges default settings in DND mode. My wife had a call, yesterday during a lesson (she’s a music teacher) and reported to me this morning, during my first cofee :unamused:

Here Moto E 2015 runs official e-0.18-q-20210828003236-dev-surnia (updated by OTA).

Default settings in DND mode allows:

  • calls from bookmarked contacts,
  • repeated calls.

As I understand, the second of two calls (during 15’) by the same number, even unknown one, bypass the DND mode and rings.

Perhaps I had to read all changelog… By the way, I solved quickly with fully non-permissive settings, and for my e-0.18-q-GSI too…

Settings > Sounds > Advanced > DND mode > Calls

alternatively Settings > search bar > ‘exceptions’

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you basically disagree with the default for DND also including unknown repeat callers (15min window). This is sensible, but sounds like an AOSP default trickling through.

The defaults are set via a default_zen_mode_config.xml at core/res/res/xml/default_zen_mode_config.xml · v1-q · e / os / android_frameworks_base · GitLab (and read out in core/java/android/service/notification/ · v1-q · e / os / android_frameworks_base · GitLab) if you want to go for a pull request. You’d want to set repeatCallers="true" to false.

btw, what happened to the filed bug in Don't disturb mode and shutdown → was this resolved in Q for your device?

I see you’re involved where DND is touched, this seems user friendly: Decline calls if “do not disturb” is enabled (#1691) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

Thanks a lot.

Using my phone as music player during lessons (with 2 to 10 years old children) I do not want any ringtone then.

/e/ is a W.I.P. so I use to specify in my posts device and eOS version. I don’t use no more e-unofficial-surnia… and didn’t see the ‘dnd + shutdown’ bug in e-q-GSI. My wife, using e-official-surnia, didn’t related such a bug.

As a non-poweruser but FOSS enthusiast I share here in the forum the little bugs and workarounds I can find using /e/. And update/upgrade our devices as soon as possible… :wink:

Thanks again.