Do NOT see Samsung S8

Not Seeing my Device…would LOVE to use this platform!!!

I believe you would also LOVE to $ee a Donation!!!

Is it blackmail?:thinking:

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No. I’m just saying I always donate for something I’m gonna use everyday. This sounds really exciting/worth investing in.



/e/ is a fork of LineageOS and the S8 isn’t supported officially by Lineage, so that’s likely why there is no official /e/ OS rom for S8.


That’s the way it’s gonna be. But - Galaxy S7 + S9 were e-phones, although not officially supported by LinageOS. Nevertheless, e-builds are available. So e-in-house developments are possible …


Now I see

This is not a good argument since there are several versions of S5 officially supported by LineageOS and there are still no /e/ versions available for S5.
It’s interesting because S5 is one of the most popular phone supported by LineageOS.
I don’t want unofficially supported versions created by community, I want something to use and update without need to download and flash everything again in a short time span. I bet other users also want it.

Hang on a minute… I’m not trying to present an argument? I’m not an /e/ dev or affiliated with /e/, just a user, so I have no clue why they haven’t built an official rom for the S5 yet… Was just letting the OP know that that’s maybe why there is no official S8 /e/ rom.

it is not official lineage, but everything works, fingerprints and NFC, it is already very usable

I briefly tried e on an old Note 3 and enjoyed the simplicity of it all, now running S8 and am hoping there’s enough of us to get official e for the S8 soon.

Agreed! I’d like to install it on my S8+ as well.

No problem. I was just mentioning it since Galaxy is one of the most popular devices for LOS and no official version has been released so far.
I’ll continue to use LineageOS + MicroG since I’m unable to use the ROM created by /e/. I find useless trying unofficial builds that won’t get updates needing you to reinstall them after a new release is up.

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To my knowledge and someone can correct me if im wrong, but official rom OTA is still a full rom download and kind of like a ‘dirty’ flash on top. So if thats the case and a community unofficial build is maintained by the dev, then you can simply flash ontop, providing its same android version and obviously backup first for safety.

Well, it’s interesting to see that even an unofficial /e/ build can work.

Of course, it carries greater risks - and can lead to negative opinions about /e/ OS because of bugs in one or the other user. No hint á la … “This is an Untested build. Please try at your own risk.” … will help here.

But for everyday use, (stable) official /e/ builds are indispensable. Therefore, I have replaced all unofficial /e/ builds with official builds again.

Isn’t it similar to LineageOS OTA updates? I use TWRP, all the process is done automatically. It doesn’t hurt.

I’m testing right now an unofficial build of /e/ for S5. I’ve find out some issues regarding the Bliss Launcher used by them. I’d like to use a simple one similar to what is available on LineageOS, but I haven’t found Trebuchet anywhere (/e/ App Store, F-Droid or Aurora), only Lawnchair.
The rom itself is pretty nice, by default it looks very similar to iOS. The fact it’s an unofficial build, no OTA updates, well… It sucks. I’m an user of LineageOS for a long time, so updates are pretty common, daily to be honest, the LineageOS with MicroG is weekly.
I haven’t found many bugs even though testing an unofficial build, most of the “bugs” are related to Bliss Launcher itself which is something you can change.

Trebuchet Launcher APK is available on XDA forums.

Thanks for the info, I wasn’t aware. I’ll check it out later.

Heres the link

Says Lineage 15.1 but its a port from 15.1 which will work on android 5.X to 9.X
I’ve personally used on nougat & pie no problem

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