Do you have a policy for updating the /e/ browser (Cromite fork)?


What is your policy ?

May be based on the existence of critical vulnerabilities (CVSS score) ?

Ex with Chrome:
by clicking on vulnerabilities for version 117 (current /e/ browser version) and then filtering by CVSS score, we can see 1 critical from december.

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The current state is given here Week 51 2023: Development and Testing Updates (slightly hidden in section):

Upcoming Development in Progress

Read more ← needs to be unfolded.

e/OS browser will be updated to the latest chromium version. Team is working on adding some features to the interface

No, they do not have policies. Updates come when they come

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/e/ browser was originally based on Bromite (fork of Chromium). But Bromite project was stopped one year ago.
So, they have switched recently to Cromite browser which is still a fork of Chromium.
/e/ is making a new build approximatively every month so I guess they will try to update their browser regularly.
But the /e/ browser will be probably delayed by minimum one month from latest Chromium version available (due to test and integration time process).

In case you need an up-to-date browser, get it from F-Droid or Aurora Store and update it by yourself.

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