Docs for how to install paid apps?

I am trying to find the docs that explain how to install paid versions of apps under /e/.

Even though I have paid for some apps using my old Google account (that I have been using for years for my non-/e/ devices), I’m more than willing to pay again for the same apps so they can run under my /e/ environment.

However, I haven’t been able to figure out how to use microG, Aurora Store, the Apps app, or perhaps one or more other utilities to purchase paid versions of apps to run on my /e/ device.

I vaguely remember reading about this somewhere, but I can’t find the docs for this any more.

Can anyone point me to the instructions for how to install paid apps under /e/?

Thank you very much.

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Paid apps with licence check are needing original goolag play service framework which isn’t available in eOS. Some app devs are sending you a licencen file which you can store on your device.
There is a way with a hacked play service. But I really don’t like that way because it opens the door for googlag and other trackers and you will loose your privacy. I think it’s better investing time to search for free alternatives as for searching how to use these tracker apps. But that’s my personal point of view


Thank you.

In several cases, there is no usable free alternative to a given paid app. By “usable” I mean here that the free apps don’t have certain functionality that I desire.

And there are other cases where there are “usable” free apps, but they have annoying ads. I am glad to pay license fees (even expensive fees) in order to avoid all ads on my phone.

So, I guess I will spend my time looking for devs who would be willing to sell me a license file.

I’ll look into the hacked play service, as well, although I would only want to use such a thing as a last resort, and under exremely controlled conditions.


PS: I love your use of the word “goolag”!

I have my own “thing” about that company. When their watchword used to be “Don’t be evil”, my response to that was this: evil consists of things like genocide and raping and killing babies. Saying, “Don’t be evil”, is setting the bar quite low, and it leaves the door open for all other types of malfeasance.

And now, they’re not even saying, “Don’t be evil”, any more.


A little late response.
Using Aurora Store with your Google account you can install any app you paid for. That is not an issue. As @harvey186 pointed out, apps that do license checking won’t run without Play Store present to handle the request.

Note, Google account is used within Aurora Store. No need to sign in via Accounts or microG.

I have a core set of paid apps I use on most ROMs that have no dependence on Google. There’s a few that use key apps that require Google but luckily the devs/publishers have alternate means to pay. Then one can use an aforementioned license file, or enter a PayPal transaction ID to unlock pro features.

So install whatever app you need. If it won’t work then reach out to the devs. Hopefully they’ll be accommodating.


Addendum: Be mindful of these paid/pro apps that are GSF Dependent. Even if an app doesn’t need or do license checking it may still need a fully functioning Play Services and may not run well. That hasn’t been much of an issue since the last microG update but still…

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Thank you very much for explaining. I had previously set up a Google account on the device and on microG, but now I realize I don’t need those, and I have shut them down. The only Google account access is now being done via Aurora.

And yes, I am in the process of contacting dev’s in order see if I can get some sort of license key for their apps.

Do you really need the goolag account on Aurora ? I would proof it once more if you can also remove it :smiley:

You’re right that I don’t need that account in Aurora. I removed it and replaced it with the standard Aurora anonymous account, and everthing is still working fine for me in Aurora.

Great :+1:

So you’re able to download paid/licensed apps via the anonymous account? If so that’s good to know. Will give it a try.
Hmm, okay, maybe not. With an anonymous account there is no way to know if an app is purchased. That is associated with the Google account used to make the purchase. As a result one will get a PURCHASE button instead of INSTALL.

With anonymous account.

With Google account.

I think he has downloaded all needed paid apps via Aurora / goolag account. After this he has removed the goolag account in Aurora.
And now he’s asking the Dev’s if the paid apps for a lincence

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That is correct, @harvey186

Got it. Thanks for clarifying. :+1:

Hi Guys,

I’m encountering the same issue I have used for me a great application as a calendar (Business Calendar 2) and I asked the developer for offline license but I didn’t get one :disappointed_relieved:
Only big corporations can provide such pleasure as license for this application.

I was wondering if the application might keep some signed license within? I’m asking because I turned off play store and google play services on stock rom and this application worked fine. Maybe other services were on which actually were more important for a license matter.

I think you will have no luck. Most paid app won’t work on eOS because licence check fails.

Got it. I have some last idea to check this app, but I guess I need to change calendar app.

what is this special on your paid calendar ? There a hundreds of calendar apps available. Could be that an other will fit to you

By the way, I’m using SimpleCalendar from f.droid

I like the design of it and the way I can customize it. I like the layout. I like a widget as a icon so I can see what’s coming without entering the calendar. I like the way I set an even into it. Probably I got used to it, so for other person may sound quite weird :-)))

I have to admit that I’ve tried to use different Simple apps and there are dozens of options that I don’t really use. However, your question made me think. Cheers.


Just a footnote. There are paid apps that can be installed via APK without any problem: when the app manufacturer is willing to provide that APK.

For example I use calendar/task app CalenGoo. One can buy it from an alternative store. The maker gives good and fast support.