Doctolib Jailbreak Detection

Interesting issue : jailbreak détection by doctolib app. I am wondering if that relevant and if we need secure boot to solve those kind of issue.


I suspected something like that.
The German section had been one of the doubtfully acknowledged winners of the Big Brother Award 2021 for using confidential information for marketing purposes, and they operate in many countries.


same problem in France

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I recently wrote to Doctolib about this topic. Their response clearly shows that this application uses all Google supports. The answer even says that it is better to use google chrome!!! It’s to be despaired of! (use deepl for this post, thanks)


Just tried a few minutes ago: works with the web-browser…

Device: Samsung a3y17lte / e-0.19-q GSI (last official build)

-first, asks for cookies > accept (all other apps frozen in Shelter)
-then a pop-up shows

  • Doctolib-app / Get it ( > link to gg plaie-store)
  • Chrome / Continue with

-choose Chrome > Continue
-doctolib’s homepage is launched in the web-browser
-no problem to log-in (secure popup and xxxxxx code via email),
-all seems to work fine.

I always prefer a link in my browser’s ‘favorite’ than a fat and googled app. Enjoy :sunglasses:

P.S.: sometimes apps accept to work within Shelter but Doctolib doesn’t. For most of public/parapublic actors, gg’s core means ‘security’ :disappointed_relieved:

Thank for your answer.
(I try to continue in english !)
After, I searched on the doctolib website and I was able to install an icon directly on the desktop.
the website opens directly in my browser, it’s ok for me

Ahh , interesting

Could you please explain to a newbie :grinning: how to create an icon which is a shortcut to an URL & open the browser .

P.S. my laucher is shade ( enfin , je crois … )

S9 bought by /e/ and recently updated to Android 10

I am absoltely stunned by seeing you using a widely degoogled OS on your mobile, and on the other hand work with a firm that is not shy to seriously harrassing your patient rights with Google.
Even let them install anything they want.
I don’t get that.

Hi Mungo,
I agree with you but some specialists only use this application for their appointments.
Otherwise I use Doctolib as little as possible.

Hi, Anti-Gafam
(I continue in French, sorry for the other readers)
J’ai pu installer cette icône directement depuis le site Doctolib, malheureusement, je ne sais plus depuis quelle page du site.
Rappel des évènements

  • j’ai reçu un mèl de confirmation d’un rendez-vous
  • sur ce mèl il y avait un lien “contact” qui est impossible à trouver depuis le site
  • Je me suis service de ce lien pour râler par rapport à /e/
  • J’ai reçu une réponse “toute faite” et ensuite un mèl me demandant si j’étais satisfait de la réponse
  • J’ai répondu par la négative, mais il me semble que la page où je suis arrivé comportait un lien avec un menu déroulant qui proposait d’installer ce raccourci.
    D’autres lecteurs pourront peut-être donner plus d’infos.
    Best regards

Well, then I personally do go to somebody else.
I’m living in Hamburg and there are other specialists.

As Doctolib grabs all of the database of all surgeons and stores it, they do not at all maintain data minimization but aquire anything that can get hold of it, process it and had serious leaks.
It is my data.
Not theirs.

Désolé, mon français est très mauvais.

Installing magisk + magisk hide solved this issue for me

Firstly notice you do not get the offer to install a clean shortcut in all websites.

Here are two example with default Browser. Using our own forum site, the space in the “share” section where I expect to see "Save to home " is replaced by “Install app”. The same happens with many websites !

In the second example is a site where we see “Add to Home screen” resulting in what I understand to be a pure shortcut, where the shortcut will simply open the url in the Browser.

Update, interesting, seemed very keen to have me install the app; but at a second attempt a url shortcut was added finally ! Of course not all organisations do offer full functionality by HTML !

Thanks for the trick!!

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