Does /e/ support Galaxy S9+ Snapdragon?

Hi, I’m at the very beginning of the process to get a de-googled phone. I recently ordered a Samsung Galaxy S9+, it’s on the way as I type. Unfortunately, I didn’t understand that the US S9+ has Snapdragon and not Exynos until it had already shipped. I know that the easy installer does not support Snapdragon. But does /e/ support it otherwise? I’m wondering if I need to start over and choose a new phone or if the one that is on the way will work for me. Thanks!

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With the SM-G965U you may try to install an /e/ GSI build

No!. /e/ OS does not support the Soc Snapdragon. This has nothing to do with the /e/asy-installer.

Another user is quite happy with LineageOS 17.1 for the S9+ (Snapdragon). GSI ROMs are not as easy to handle as they first appear.

Thanks! It’s back to the drawing board for me!

Could I add my vote for this to be a supported phone in the future? It’s a great phone and I want to set it up for multiple family members.