Does the eOS' app store support TAN apps?

Thanks for hearing me out. So, I need a TAN procedure for my online banking.
Unfortunately I have eOS installed in that regard, so I am not able to download the according app “SecureTAN Go”. How can I proceed? Is there any progress in supporting other apps?

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Sorry, I do not recognise TAN in the UK! Exodus is a way to check out unfamiliar apps, so I found this εxodus ( - I am not sure that SecureGo is actually the app you are interested in? :slight_smile: )

Yes, SecureGo is the app I wanted. Since eOS doesn’t provide it, I installed it via aptoide, but I have high privacy concerns.

If you are thinking of using the app for financial purposes, please tell the institution of your concerns!

aurorastore (anonimous account for the G play) is a safer place than aptoid

Thanks man.
You don’t know how mich you habe helped me out.
I would have never came across Aurora Store if it weren’t for you telling me.

How did you find out about it? I’m lucky if I get New ideas from Techlore already ^^°

How did you find out about it?

Thanks to @piero for Aurora store, there can be a lot of reading to do to get /e/ to “work for you”! :slightly_smiling_face:

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