Download eOS 1.8.1r for Nokia 6.1 (PL2) is gone

Hey guys,
I tried to download eOS 1.8.1r for Nokia 6.1 PL2, but obviously, the download source seems to be gone. I guess the device is not supported anymore, but i would like to download version 1.8.1r to patch with Magisk. Can someone tell me where i can download it? Is there a archive?

Thank you alot

Nokia has stopped allowing the unlocking of its bootloader. This as you may be aware is essential to flash a custom ROM like /e/OS. This was the reason why we stopped support. You can still find the builds for PL2 here. Just a word of caution, future releases are not guaranteed. This information was shared as part of the weekly updates.

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Ok, my experience with unlocking the bootloader was already really challenging. I tried many different things. In the end it only worked using a software which you can pay for unlock it. Its kinda risky, because i don’t know what this software does, but it worked. Thanks for you help.