Duration of device support

Currently I do not own any of the supported devices. Will there be differences in the duration of support for each device? If so, which one lasts the longest? :slight_smile: Thanks in advance, fortune teller.

edit: Or easier to awnser: Which are lost first?

@benn there is not way to predict which devices will be loosing support first. It will all depend on the device manufacturers and number of users using it. You can see the list of devices requested for /e/ to support here [POLL] Which device(s) you would like /e/ to support next? on this list some devices have been requested multiple times by different users. They get preference for support. Others are not so popular and some are not even available for purchase anymore in the market. You should choose a model which supports Oreo and Pie for now. Then check if it is supported by Lineage. Then the chances of long term support are brighter. Long term in smart phones is a very short duration i guess 1- 2 years at most very rarely do people carry phones beyond that . Though I have a ten year old nokia 6030 which work perfectly even today!

This is why Fairphone has another concept: for the environment phones should last many years.

I could find only one article about support for Oreo on FP2, also asked by mail to the Fairphone support, but there is no official information about this yet. The article is in Dutch (Fairphone is a Dutch - German company). Hope it is true so /e/ will be able continue support for FP2.

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Why do you think they’re Dutch - German?


Thank you for your replies. I’m aware of fairphone and the philosophy behind is good. But generally the newer the better…