Dutch Coronamelder app needs "current" G**gle Play Services

Sounds very good! But will it also be available in /e/ or will you stick to the older version without? If /e/ sticks to the older version, will there be an option to install the newer version easily (as it is a system app, it can’t be easily upgraded by f-droid or so)?

If I’m not mistaken @Manoj’s message is refering to the framework becoming available on /e/. It has been part of microG for about a month.

As far as I undestand it, it will be disabled by default, in the sense that it is inactive unless an app uses it. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Generally: Great news, thanks to all involved!

That is correct…I am referring to the Covid-19 related Exposure framework being added to the microG. This should be available in the /e/ ROM as part of the build in the next 2 weeks.
Still has to undergo user testing.
By default it will be disabled.
Also additional apps as relevant in your locality will have to be download and installed by the user to get this feature to work. On its own it does not send out data.


This is really appreciated (at least by me :wink: )
Thanks for making it available!

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Very good news! Thank you very much, Manoj!

Here’s a mastodon link saying that the corona stuff is working in microg now and it contains the link to the conversation on github https://chaos.social/@rugk/104846852260699285

The conversation on github

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Wow, awesome!
@Manoj as there is a working release of microG with exposure notification now, can you estimate how long it will take to come to /e/?

Otherwise, if it takes long: is there a way to replace built-in microG with the newly released version? Apparently not via f-droid or so, but can it be flashed manually?

We should be able to release the microG covid framework in a disabled-by-default form this coming week.


You mean as an OTA? It would be great to have it. Thanks a lot for /e/'s and microG’s developers work :slight_smile:

Thanks Manoj, marv-in and all other involved, this is very appreciated! And a great way to implement it disabled and give the option to the user to enable it!


Will it be provided as a separate update or will you release an OS-update with the new version included?

It will come in as part of the dev builds released OTA every month. There was a delay as some developers moved out of the team and a couple of new developers joined. Expect to push the fix next week.


Nice, thanks for the information!
Have a nice weekend :slight_smile:

According to the WHO this App needs to apply to these ethical principles:

Thanks for this interesting document, @pjmbraet. As far as I understand, are only recommendations by WHO. In fact @Manoj some posts above told us that in his country, is mandatory to install the app if one wants to travel. And this contrasts heavily with the point “voluntariness” indicated in the WHO document

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The UK is introducing its Covid contact-tracing app this week. It looks like I will have to move away from /e/ until

  1. the Exposure framework is available in the version of MicroG that ships with /e/
  2. there is a build of /e/ containing the framework for my phone (Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact - lilac) (or until I can make an unofficial build for myself using Docker).

Until then, I’ll probably go with this Lineage 17.1 ROM from XDA, assuming I can patch it correctly to support signature spoofing.

I hope I’m not away for too long, but I’m not holding my breath :slight_smile:

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According to @manoj, the relevant update may be pushed this week. I keep my fingers crossed and the update section of my settings menu refreshed :slight_smile:

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Hi @petefoth,
you can also temporarily use the custom rom of Havoc-OS-v3.9-20200916-lilac-Official. It supports Micro-G with Signature Spoofing. Patching is not necessary.

Thanks @SuzieQ. That looks interesting. I’ve tried it on my spare (slightly broken) device and most of the apps I need seem to work OK after a little fiddling.

I’ll (reluctantly) install it on my daily drive tomorrow. Just sad to be leaving /e/, even if (I hope) it’s a temporary departure.

Still looking forward to a release - unofficial, custom or official, built by me or someone else - for this great device!

The Havoc-OS is equivalent to a LineageOS. If you are willing to use LineageOS you can use Havoc-OS as well. But right - it is not a /e/ OS.