Dutch Coronamelder app needs "current" G**gle Play Services

Thanks again. Havoc-OS-v3.9-20200916-lilac-Official is now installed with NanoDroid and MicroG. Everything seems to be working nicely :slight_smile:

My backup machine has the stock ROM reinstalled and is ready and waiting to test any future /e/ releases for the XZ1 Compact when they arrive.

Let’s hope the new version will come this week as @Manoj offered the prospect, then you could switch back :wink:

There currently isn’t an /e/ build for this device (Xperia XZ1 Compact - lilac), so even if the release comes out soon, it’s wont be available for my phone. Up till now I’ve been running one of @harvey186’s Pie GSIs (built in June I think) which isn’t going to get updated.

I wont be able to use /e/ on this device until either /e/ release a build for it, or the Docker build tools are updated to build the latest version, so I can make an unofficial build myself.

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A few screenshots instead of long words …

An update on the microG implementation :

There has been a lot of discussion around this. There are a lot of users who have strongly protested against even the disabled by default implementation.
Having said that it is also understood that the covid-framework is required for phones today.
I have personally experienced this.
To give a bit of context my father passed away last wednesday… he was 84 and died of a heart attack. As such I had to travel to my home state of Kerala which is around 2000 kms away from Mumbai where I stay. I am updating this post from Kerala and will be here till tuesday of coming week. As of today In India all travel by air or train requires the covid check app. The app has to be installed and running with a self health assessment and it should give you the ‘all ok’ status to travel.
I had to show this first thing at the airport before they even let me enter…this when I had a confirmed ticket for the flight!
Long story short since the app does not run on our ROM I had to use a phone running stock.

For the implementation in /e/ I had given a date of this week which has not happened. The reason is there has been a rethink after all the backlash . We are coming out with a modified implantation even better than the ‘disabled by default option’. I know I am talking in riddles here which is irritating but hold on till next week as I would be in a better position to share more details of this improved implementation.


I’m sorry to hear about your father. I wish you much strength. There are times when other things are important than a software update.


I’m sorry to hear about your loss and I too wish you much strength!

I’ll write down my thoughts and questions about the news here, but of course I understand if you currently have better things to to than to reply!

First, I am a little surprised that the backlash seems to have occured outside this forum, where it could not be discussed by the community. I wo ner why that is, since here, there was a lively discussion but a lot of support for the implementations as well. Still looking forward to find out more about the implementation itself. Can you say at what point it may be available? Here in Germany infections are slowly on the rise, as we’re approaching winter and I was hoping it would work, before it gets really cold.

And can you already say if new way of implementing the framework will allow us to use it without the need to root or dev skills?

In any case, I’m glad that the team seems to be willing to find a compromise in this.


Due to the missing time frame I am considering switching back to stock ROM for the moment. Will have to check how complicated this might be for the FP3.
But nevertheless good to know, that /e/ is working on this topic.

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That is exactly what we want to try out…give the user all the control over the action. As I mentioned will update in the coming week if we see out testing is successful.


Me too in fact. Truth is, I want to use this app now and I feel almost irresponsible not doing so at this point.

I might just create a TRWP backup in order to come back to /e/ once the framework is implemented in a way that it is actually useable.

/edit: Along with what @manoj wrote right now, I think my personal deadline would be the end of next week. :slight_smile: /

I get that the devs are in an impossible position as regardless of what they do, they will receive quite a backlash - but I still find it maddening that a framework that does absolutely nothing without the app being installed has to be such a divisive issue. It seems to me more an ideological thing. At least, so far nobody has been able to explain to me properly where the problem would be in having this framework somewhere in the code without doing anything at all.


As the FP3 has a re-lockable bootloader, I think installation of TWRP would wipe my device :frowning:

Ah, that sucks, I opted to not relock the bootloader. Yes, if you did lock it, it would wipe your device.

Sorry for your loss, keep the memory alive is all you can do now.

About this topic, is there anyone with valid arguments why it is so bad to include microG as-is. For me microG is kinda evil anyway because of notifications through google servers, talking about tracking… This covid thing does not track, you get an unique random id every 15 minutes. And data is only send when you install covid app, so I don’t see the evil there.


I think this is a more ideological thing than a rational one…


Sign of the times, I’m afraid.


Unfortunately I have to agree with all those who will be forced to switch to default ROM’s. Will be pushing the team to reach a solution ASAP on this.


Thanks for the link.
Do you know whether it is still possible to install Android 9? The stock ROM of Android 10 seems to be not so famous for it’s superior quality.

As long as this genuine Fairphone download link shared in the Fairphone forum still works, you can install build A.0120, which was Android 9 … https://fileshare.fairphone.com/link/LZMvdhZosMe1LgalvhXP3F
(I don’t have a link for the last Android 9 incarnation, A.0134, but simply OTA-updating A.0120 to it should work.)


Yes, It feels as if unreason has triumphed over rationality in this case.



Ungooling AOSP is ideological. What are your reasons to wanting using /e/ ?

gg frameworks are already invading all web and network for hidden total personal permanent tracking. That’s a fact, $$$ prove how efficient is this business model.

Covid framework is potentially a deepest tool to control your device, not a backdoor but an open barndoor… ‘But it is disabled etc.’ so? Features that can’t be totally disabled by user already exist! Consent extortion in ‘Privacy’ settings is already a fact anyone can see every day.

Sure, it is an ideological choice to desagree with this ‘no alternative’ policy! Security vs freedom is a very old philosophical debate…
@Manoj: absence needs to take heart. Regards.