Dyslexic needs help

Hello I have a fairphone 3 + with the original android operating system and am very interested in moving to an ungoogled operating system like “e” my major issue in doing so is my crippling dyslexia. This message has taken a great deal of time and the effort is exhausting, my type of dyslexia results in the vertical lines in fonts or script moving in variable amounts and speeds to the left and right whilst i look at it. My fear is that once I start the installation progress I will make mistakes in entering text etc which will be catastrophic and end in more electronic waste. Is there a service where I can pay to have a human being install the system for me?

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Hi @thistledown , Welcome to the e forum.

The short answer to your question would have to be “No, not that I know of”

Have you checked out the Find Local Support category where there is a link to a spreadsheet with contact information of volunteers willing to help? This is limited to a few countries at the moment so it would depend on where you live.

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If you can locate Fairphone Angels (community volunteers offering help) in your vicinity, you could ask whether they might be able to help you.
Still depends on where you live.


Do you think you could just copy and paste the commands without typing? Or maybe get a nearby friend or relative to follow the instructions?

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