/e/ and Android Auto?


i know, /e/ is about avoiding google-stuff wherever possible.
However, has someone managed to get Android Auto running on /e/?

I tried with my FP3, got the grrrrrr…oogle apps installed, the android auto app starts, but does not work…

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


I have the same problem. I tried AndroidAuto, Automate… Nothing is working !

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For me to impossible to make that working. When I start AndroidAuto the application ask to install “Appli Google”, “GoogleMaps” and “Synthese vocale Google”.
As I refuse, application stop.
And so it is impossible to have OsmAnd on my screen’s car :rage:
It is not AndroidAuto it is GoogleAuto …

Yesterday OsmAnd support team said me that Google Service is mandatory to use OsmAnd and AndroidAuto.
As I use “/e/” without any Google software I will never use AndroidAuto.
I asked the team to learn another solution … dream, dream, dream … :zzz:

:frowning: I’ve not made it work neither.

Sad thing is than Android Auto seems to be deeply integrated with google services and AFAIK even microg is not giving support for this feature

Would there be a way to co-sponsor some effort in this area? I would, personally, only need ABRP to run on the car screen, that’s it.