/e/ and hiding it to apps

Hello, I’ve installed /e/ 2 days ago on my Oneplus Nord and all is running smooth following the procedure described on e.foundation website.

I’ve one concern with the banking app Relax Banking as it detects “system with privileges” and so I can’t use it.
I’ve read around here that the best solution would be to try flashing Magisk with TWRP and the use the Magisk Hide manager to hide the root to the app.
However this was ok for months ago as nowadays MagiskHide had been substituted by Zygisk.
This tool should be even better as it is more powerful but probably more complex to use.

As on my Oneplus nord i’m running /e/ based on android 10 I thought I could download an older Magisk version that is compatible with Android 10 and still have the Magisk Hide manager.
I don’t want to mess around with the /e/ partition already installed and neither brik the phone, so I wanted to ask if there is a safest way to install Magisk via TWRP or any other way.

in the end I know that also trying this the app still could not work…

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AFAIK standard /e isn’t rooted so probably another cause.

The best solution (in my opinion) is to use the bank’s internet banking via the the browser, rather than install a dedicated app. This assumes that your bank allows / implements browser-based banking

yes i’m thinking to this option too…
just need to plan how to manage the OTP and the device confirmation as they require a phone or a token… The app is surely the cheapest way and that’s why i was searching if it’s possible to solve installing some app or tool…

also this is true… maybe the app just detect the bootloader opened and that i put a custom rom then…

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