/e/ and low radiation phones



Since WHO classified mobile phones as possibly carcinogenic to humans, I think, we should not only face on privacy on our phones, but also on low radiation. Maybe this can be also a selection criterion for beeing selected for /e/.


Maybe its possible to make a special category in the list of supported devices, to lead people to those phones, because SAR-Values are not discussed in phone - tests.

The best list for phones with good radiation values is from the german magazine connect, because they use beside the oficcial SAR value their own value, which is more precise than the SAR value. Explained here - (sorry in german, but you can use bablefish)

Here is a list of the best low radiation mobiles with LinageOS support (Connect-Value/Sar-Value):

Dual-Sim Phones:

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2015) - (-0,90/0,247)
Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) - (-0,81/0,349)
Motrolla Moto G5S Plus - (-0,80/0,380)

Single-Sim Phones:

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ - (-0,92/0,216) - /e/ support
Samsung Galaxy S6 - (-0,90/0,382) - /e/ support
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - (-0,87/0,264) - /e/ support
Samsung Galaxy S9 - (-0,85/0,326)
Motorola X Style - (-0,85/0,392)
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge - (-0,84/0,334) - /e/ support
Oneplus One - (-0.81/0,290) - /e/ support

Phones with good valuees, but no LinageOS support

Galaxy A8 (2018) - (-0,91/0,241)
Nokia 7.1 - (-0,91/0,260)
HTC U11 Life - (-0,88/0,283)
Galaxy S8+ - (-0,87/0,260)
Galaxy S8 - (-0,87/0,315)

My list is quite strict - I finished with a Sar-Value of 0,4 - not as strict as the swiss list, which is green only up to 0,25

here are the connect-lists I used

I used this LinageOS list:

And of course, it would be cool to have support for the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2015), because I have it…


i like this idea; i think it makes sense to cater to specific niche markets, like people who like smaller phones, people who want low radiation phones etc. I propose that for each of these niches a person with expertise about it, like @kultex , can write a blog post, and then list which devices currently support /e/.


I can do this - I watch the market, because quite a lot of friends ask me before they buy a phone…
The question is where - I think, it should bbe here:


Dear @kultex, we’d like to ask you to post a blog about this topic here:
this also has the benefit that it can be updated, and that people can respond!
i would recommend that you post a link to the blog here, in the “Supported devices category”, so that people can easily find it. We can also place that link in the devices overview you mentioned.