It is not possible to start a new topic in the list category by a normal user

I wanted to update my low-radiation phones /e/ and low radiation phones and thought to do this in the list section -
But I am not able to start a new topic - maybe an administrator can start the topic, which I can edit - because I could edit the list Manoj started - [LIST] Features list for devices - VoLTE/VoWifi/Wificall per-device carrier compatability

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I have marked your post as a wiki. You can go ahead and update it. Since it has links to the media sources, it has been moved to the news section. Pl create a post with just the device name and ratings and I can move it under the Lists category.

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A post was merged into an existing topic: LG - G3 (International) - d855 - Documentation Suggestions

I finished updating the post for now - I will continue, as soon as I have time. Maybe you can link the post somewhere in the official devices thread -

  • if you search for a smartphone with low radiation - see this list