/e/ and other start-up "iodé"


The “iodé” start-up seems to be taking up a lot of ideas from /e/?

Have you met the people behind this project?

From a purely personal point of view, it’s a shame to launch a pseudo equivalent when a pooling of resources would perhaps have enabled us to make faster progress in certain areas.

In any case, they are doing a lot of communication in January 2021…

Long live /e/ project!

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

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Looks like they are trying to something similar to /e/, but without getting caught up making a different UI and having their own apps*. Looks like they have seen what are doing / have done, and have learned from it.

Seems like a sensible way of going about things, and that’s the way FOSS works!

To be honest, my interest in /e/ is the de-googled OS, not the shiny new UI that hasn’t been properly designed and fully thought through, or out-of-date forks of perfectly good apps :slight_smile:

* Later: It looks like they are shipping their own browser, forked from Firefox https://gitlab.com/iode/os/apps/iodebrowser


There are many ungoogled ROMs, but the approach of /e/ differs from most of them.

The goal of /e/ is to provide an ecosystem like Google and Apple do, that integrates into the system.

iode, GrapheneOS, LeOS offer ungoogled ROMs for I’d say enthusiasts, but /e/ aims to provide a userfriendly environment with built-in functionality and user friendlyness of OEM ROMs.

This isn’t necessarily better, It just targets different audiences.


I’ve just done some digging on XDA and it seems that iodé’s code is not yet open, thought they say it will be at some unspecified time in the future.

About our sources:
We completely agree that transparency is at the core of a privacy-oriented project and we will (no ETA) open source our code.
We will publish them when we consider it is the good timing. We have many features that remain to be done, we have to clean up the sources, and we want our work to be more known before doing so.


iodéOS = LineageOS 17.1 + MicroG + adblocker

iodéOS is a privacy-focused operating system powered by LineageOS and based on the Android 10 mobile platform. iodéOS aims at protecting the user’s privacy with a built-in adblocker and by freeing the smartphone from snitches.

Changes in LineageOS to prevent data leaks:

Default DNS server: Google’s DNS replaced by Quad9’s ‘unblocked’ servers.
A-GPS: supl.google .com replaced by supl.vodafone .com.
Captive portal login: connectivitycheck.gstatic .com replaced by captiveportal .
Dialer: Google default option replaced by OpenStreetMap for phone number lookup

Supported are nine devices: Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (crownlte), S9/S9+ (starlte/star2lte), A5/A7 2017 (a5j17lte/a7j17lte), Sony Xperia XA2 (pioneer), XZ1 (poplar), XZ2 (akari), Xiaomi Mi9 (cepheus).

* Later: I quickly installed odéOS via TWRP 3.5.0_9-1 on a Samsung Galaxy S9 ‘starlte’. This was short and painless. Pre-installed are well-known apps such as F-Froid Store, Aurora Store, Magic Earth, microG.

odéOS version 1.1-20210121 comes with Linux Kernel 4.9.218, Android Security Patch Level January 5, 2021 and microG Services Core v0. OTA update is also available.


odéOS reminds me a lot of the ‘LineageOS 17.1 for microG’ distribution -
but with a touch more of Ah-effect.

The registered office of iodè is in Toulouse, France. A company foundation is announced with: “Le comptoir iodé” company in creation. What kind of company it is to be - not a word about it is announced.

The iodè shop offers the usual payment methods. The Fairphone 3 & 3+ are offered as new devices.


thank you for this supplement :+1:

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Hi @SuzieQ,

thanks for the check. I now also installed it on the S9 and i must say, it is a very smooth experience and it does play all streaming services (if needed) like Disney or Netflix, unlike the most recent version of /e/ on the Galaxy S9.

I would be interesting to see if such ideas can be merged between two European OS’s with a similar - not alike - idea.
Once a stable /e/ version is out for the S9 i will sure load back /e/ on the S9 but for now i will give Iode a try on eth S9 whilst using /e/ on my old Redmi 4x :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Hi @marcih83

Thank youfor your feedback. Yes, iodèOS runs very round and smooth. Since the Lineage-Team has discontinued support for the S 9 / S9plus, it’s interesting for all users to know that there is a good alternative to /e/ OS ‘Q’.

Best regards

:slight_smile: I still silently hope there will be a version 14 soon for the S9 from /e/, with all things running.

Best regards

Yes it’s officially in the plan:

Oh yes, I do too (!)

plans, dreams, wishes and reality often diverge widely. But as the saying goes: hope dies last.

BTW, the iode app and their “Blocking system” is quiet impressive. Maybe this can be built in /e/ as well with the “trust” security app. Not an expert but somehow also aps like Rosetta stone are running on IODE without the need of logging in with your (a) google account in MicroG.

Anyhow, for us users this means there is more and more movement in this area to get better products for not only tech experts. One day i will be able to even teach my mom how to use a privacy focused phone :slight_smile:


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Hi all, I was wondering if any one else has used iodéOS, another privacy focussed OS and how iodé and /e/ compared? What are the main differences?

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

There was a topic here : /e/ and other start-up "iodé" - #14

I don’t know about the latest news as a few stuffs only can be found on the web.

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