/e/ App store is live

Check out the /e/ App store . It should be available as part of your OTA updates.

You would also notice that the version number has changed to 0.6 .
Some screenshots below

Take it for a spin and let us know you comments, suggestions and bugs if any :slight_smile:


Super news. I am very excited to try it.

So far I don’t see it as an available update yet for the Nexus 5.
I guess the build for individual systems takes a bit ?

Yes, you just have to wait a little :slight_smile: (Days or hours, I don’t know)

No problem :grinning:

Please note the App store development team would appreciate your comments and feedback. The issue with the search option crashing frequently has been raised as a bug here


Oh that is a fantastic news!
I just received the OTA, I will give a try and report any issue encountered.
Well done guys!

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Is there a way to install it on other devices not running /e/? Where can I get an apk?

Here is my feedback:

  • What’s nice:
    • The interface is good looking
    • Privacy analyses of each apps
    • Apps categories
  • Not working:
    • Search not always working (already raised)
    • Download apps: stuck at 0%
    • “Updates” don’t find installed apps
  • Can be improved:
    • Suggested apps shows a lot of unknown random apps (in “Home” and “Categories”)
    • It could be nice to see installed apps on the phone
    • Add a dark theme
    • Update the app “Apps” without updating all the system

Good luck developers!


Does it happen systematically?

I tried with Yuka, Google Chrome and Skype, and yes it’s stuck at 0%.

Edit: I’m using Blokada, when it’s disabled, it works.

I guess this must have something to do with blockada. I just tested downloading Chrome and Skype and both completed without issues.

Thank you for your feedback!

Regarding this:

Only non-system apps that currently have updates will show up on the updates screen. Are there any apps that fall in this category but still don’t show up for you?

I confirm that. The same for me.

There seems to be a GitHub issue open on the Blokada repo regarding this: https://github.com/blokadaorg/blokada/issues/324

Yes, yesterday I had an update for Vinyl Music Player, I saw it in F-Droid, but not in Apps.

Alright, thanks for letting us know. Maybe the update was very new. In that case, it could take a few hours to a day for the update to show up in Apps.

If the update still doesn’t show up after two days, please let us know.

First of all, thanks for this app, really great.

Here are my thoughts after using it a bit. Some might sound critical but is really only meant as my view and suggestions. The -app-store is super already.


With search, categories and the home screen discover ability of app is very good.

  • The instant search while you type does not always work (e.g. firefox). After a few more try’s I think it takes just a bit long so that you have typed the full search name and pressed search already in some cases before the search help comes up.

  • In am not sure by what the apps in the Categories menu are sorted. Maybe some sort and filter functions could be helpful moving foreward?

Privacy rating

Excellent to show the privacy rating in the search result. Although it is not really clear to me what it actually means and some apps that I use and trust have a surprisingly low rating.
e.g :
The Chrome browser from Google has a privacy score of 5.0 and Firefox from Mozilla has a score of 3.0 ?


Works nice.

The feedback the screen gives during the install process might be a bit confusing when it first shows a percentage (for download ?) that goes to 100% and after that comes the install process. This is when installing from the search result list directly. Due to the 100% I thought all is done at first…


  • It is unclear to me why it says N/A in the rating for an app. Example Joplin

  • Is this not a user rating gathered in the /e/ app store from people who installed the app?
    -As of now I amnnot sure how the rating works.

Or maybe is this feature not active yet?


The /e/-app-store looks super

I love the icon as well.

General info

At least for me it might be helpful to understand a bit how the app manager works and which apps it contains. I am not so familiar with this.

  • Are all apps from f-droid automatically included in the /e/-app-store?
  • How do the various app-stores play together?
  • If I have previously installed an app with yalp.
    Should I uninstall it and reinstall with the /e/-app-store or does it not matter?

Lastpass is rated 0 in Privacy!?
If this proves to be true I will only use their service from my pc.

Some examples of apps could have updates.

I haven’t any updates listed in “updates”. I installed “Moovit” and “Nike training club” from /e/App and Yalp proposes updates when /e/ doesn’t. It appears that /e/Apps have older versions. Some examples :

Facebook Lite :

  • Current version on phone (using Yalp) : (this is the version https://www.facebook.com/lite/ proposes)
  • Version available on /e/Apps : 143.xxxx
  • Version available on Aptoide : 147.xxx (maybe they are in the future or fake apps ?!)

Whatsapp :

  • Version on phone (using Yalp) : 2.19.134
  • Version on /e/Apps : 2.19.115
  • Version on Aptoide : 2.19.144

Clash Royale :

  • On phone : 2.7.2
  • On /e/ : 2.7.1
  • On Yalp : 2.7.4 (but Yalp cannot install it on my phone because of split apk)
  • On Aptoide : 2.7.5 (until now the only store that allow me to install it)

And so, Moovit and Nike Training Club

So I will wait to test this functionnality.

Sometime apps cannot be installed or search fails :

  • It loads and then say “something went wrong”, but eventually it works. Regarding what is said it seems to be a known bug.

Missing apps
There isn’t tinder, how will I find a girlfriend ?!

Globally easy to use, nice design, fluid and good point it seems to be able to install split apk (I had some issues with this point when using Yalp that was the reason I also used Aptoide).

Nice job, waiting for Tinder.

Question : If I have to reinstall my phone, apps will be restored when syncing my /e/ account ? That would be awesome, currently I’ve always to reinstall everything.

Thank you for all the job done anyway !


I love the idea of syncing the apps, tied with /e/ account!!!