/e/ app store: updates and sources

Hello everybody,

I switched from LineageOS to /e/ and I am currently pretty satisfied with it. So first I want to thank all supporters!

But I am a little bit confused about the /e/ apps store:

  1. The application updates differ in their actuality. For example:
    Firefox was updated on 2019-09-18 (on Google Play on 2019-09-13)
    Tor-Browser is still on a old version where it was updated on Google Play on 2019-09-09.
    When will new updates be provided? Why is Firefox much more up to date than Tor-Browser? Can we support this by hinting you about new updates?

  2. Do you build apks yourself or do you just take it from other sources?
    Where do you take them from? And how can I see if it is from F-Droid, Google Play or somewhere else?

I have searched for answers before posting but did not find them to this specific questions. In regard to the first question I found this article saying the app store is one day behind F-Droid or Google Play. But that does not match my observation.

Thank you all and have a great day!

Yes, the apps store doesn’t gave the.newest apk’s often.

My personal meaning: forget apps store. Use f-droid and aurora

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Hi @33lo you can check the App Installer related answers here
There is a delay in updates on some of the apps, we are still trying to resolve that issue.
As @harvey186 mentioned you can download the Apps from Aurora Store as a work around for now.

Hello, thanks for your replys. I’m looking forward for the installer app making progress. I think it was a bad desition to offer so many apps / games and not focusing on the processes behind (<-- just my opinion). But besides that I really do enjoy /e/.


Hi @Manoj

Here is the list of apps I use that have been ‘abandoned’ by the Apps Store (no update for at least a month).
I tried to request them directly through the Apps Store but it says those apps are already in the Apps Store (which is true).

com.beemdevelopment.aegis : Aegis
com.aurora.store : Aurora Store
com.anysoftkeyboard.languagepack.french : AnySoftKeyboard - French Language Pack
fr.creditagricole.androidapp : Ma Banque
com.nordvpn.android : NordVPN

This big issue is the only thing that prevent me to use the Apps Store. I don’t like the fact that an app can suddenly be dropped by the Apps Store. I need to be sure all my apps are up to date.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @Anonyme there are some issues with certain Applications not getting updated through Apps. The development team is working on optimizing and improving Apps.

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