/e/ Auto Brightness Is Too High

The auto brightness is always way too bright. I had this on all phones with /e/. The brightness goes way lower if I turn it to manual, but when set to automatic, the lowest setting burns battery like the day is four hours long. I would humbly recommend that the whole brightness spectrum be shifted, so that the current lowest setting is the new center.


After a fresh and clean install’, I have to manually low the brightness (in status bar) during a few days to habit the OS. Then, works fine for me.

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Fun fact, others find it too low : Automatic brightness way too dark in dark areas (FP3+ Android R dev image) (#3743) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

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Can’t confirm that it is too bright on Fairphone 3 running 0.18-q-20210827132307-dev-FP3 as well as Fairphone 2 running 0.18-q-20210813129945-dev-FP2.

Please list them.

Automatic brightness seems to be tricky and fragile. Fairphone themselves seem to have damaged it with their current stock Android update for the Fairphone 3/3+, I hope this doesn’t spill over into /e/. But then again, you can turn it off and just swipe a little to set it manually.

I’m on the “too low” side. (Samsung s8, moto G7, fairphone 2, s2 tablet)

There’s a complex interaction among devices, software and “detectors”.

It would be good to have the possibility to set the level of automatic brightness.

Age, eye surgery and all make the issue more complicate, but would be easily manageable by allowing to set the overall brightness


That’s what the manual slider is supposed to do when automatic brightness is enabled, you can use it to teach automatic brightness your own preference. At least from Android 9 on.

Swipe two times from the top to get the slider. If brightness is too low, swipe it to a brighter setting, or the other way around. If it works as Google intended it and neither LineageOS nor /e/ somehow break it on the way onto your phone, it’ll learn and get to what you want.

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I will try the double swipe and report the results here, thanks.

Up to now, I had to swipe each time to increase the brightness.

Anyway it’s a feature not easy to guess. Thanks again

EDIT: no way. I have to adapt it again and again each time I want to use the phone in a dark environment

I can’t change the auto brightness to anything lower, because the slider is already set to the lowest.

That would be the Nexus 4 and the Galaxy S4 Mini. In each case I am running the most recent version that’s offered via the device picker.

Same for Teracube 2e.

If you slide down with two fingers from the status bar you’ll be a bit quicker.

Wouldn’t it be a solution to have a built in brightness multiplier in /e/ settigns?