E-banking app: Migros Bank

Hi team!
I would need the e-banking app from Migros bank (Switzerland). Is there any plan to include it in your list?



You can request apps via 3dots menu in apps store itself.

But forget the apps store. It has bugs as hell. Use f-droid or aurora from f-droid.
And not all banking apps are working with eOS

Thx for your reply. I did not know about Aurora: it works for the app I need (F-droid and Yalp did not).

Have a nice evening

F-droid is for FOSS apps. Banking apps are closed source.
Yalp is out of maintenance. Aurora is the best choice for closed source apps from g:play store

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Hi SylvainM,

Does the Migros Bank app still work on you phone with /e/ software?
Could you share with me what phone your using? Because with the FP3+ it seems to not work…

thx a lot for your reply

It never worked, indeed… I am also with a FP3.

@SylvainM @Pferdli

I have Zak (Cler) and it works on my FP3, it wouldn’t let me run it on an unlocked Bootloader device. I suppose you locked the Bootloader…?

Neon works on any devices so far.