/e/ builds on tablets anyone ?!

Dear @Unknown, may I request an unofficial build for the Lenovo yoga tab 3 plus LTE:
Just bought one!
Thanks in advance!

Our main man @Unknown is already one step ahead of you haha, find it here


@gael do you know if your build would also work on an SM-T580 (Galaxy Tab A 2016)?
How could I test?

For laptops I’m using Elementary OS as much as possible : https://elementary.io/fr/
The principle is the same about privacy and the OS is great : simple, fast, nice

hi all, a note just to say that i just installed an unofficial version of /e/ on a Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus (LTE) and it’s running great!!

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Thanks for the update @Rik we should see more progress in porting to tablets, unsupported devices and OS upgrades on existing devices in the days to come.


I’m wondering if there is already an unofficial build for the yoga tab 3 plus, would be a pro version also possible?

I don’t think so, as there is not a LineageOS version for this phone. /e/ is also developing some versions for phones/tablets separately from Lineage, but it takes a lot of time, so I assume they only do it when there is a popular demand.

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Was the build for sm-t580 made available?

/e/ has announced that several tablets will be officially supported in the future! great news i think @Sean

Thanks @Rik for that update, unfortunately i dont see the Tab A in the new devices list BUT good news to see my S9+ may get new upgrade to Q

Any update on the Tablet build? Is there a dev version I could try for Galaxy S3 Tab?

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Looks like the Galaxy Tab S3 isn’t supported by LineageOS and has never been requested. So you can request it and if a working unofficial LineageOS build exists, an /e/ unofficial build will come (I hope in less than 3 months but we can never be sure).

I am currently thinking of buying a new/used tablet.

As I understood there are plans to support /e/ on tablets.
I would love to run /e/ for a long time on it, so it would be wise to choose one now that will likely be officially supported by /e/ later on. Do you have any recommendations? Is there a roadmap?

This tablet will mainly be used for playing / practicing piano, so it should have a big screen size. I would like tun run it a very long time, so replaceable battery, repairability and long software support are an also major concern for me. Thank you.

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You can check a couple of test builds we have for tablets …there is also some feedback on the same thread

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yes check the list that @Manoj refers to here above. I have the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus (YTX703L), and /e/ works very well on it, with a different launcher (Total launcher i can recommend) - i think future versions of /e/ will have a launcher that is better suited for tablets.

Hi greg1,
I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (SM-T813, 9.7’) and eOS was easily flashed and is running without problems.
It is my very first tablet, so I’m not in the position to judge pros and cons.

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cool! that’s the first Samsung tablet I think i’ve seen reported here on the forum (i have a Lenovo), good to know it also works well on those!

I have got a
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 wifi 7’
Old device, (2012)
but very robust screen, with the minimum hardware specifications required for a
LineageOS 14.1 based system :

cpu=2x1ghz, cpuoc=2x1.35ghz ,
gpu=200mhz, gpuoc=384mhz
mem=8go + sd=64go or more

Now running /e/ since
thanks to @Android-Andi

model 3g = 119 downloads in 2 months
model wifi = 138 downloads in 2 months

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Chinese devices usually have the nastiest lock-in, breaking them wastes lots of time and effort. However maybe Mediatek is an exception